Things to Consider in Mobile RV Repair

Mobile RV Repair

Being a first-time camper, every little or big things can happen either positively or negatively; especially when it comes to your RV starting to act up, or your RV suddenly got stuck on the sideway road, or your fridge suddenly gets an electric short. Bringing your RV to a repair shop is a wise choice but it can take days up to weeks before it can get repaired; plus the fact that you may have to spend more than 20000 bucks on mobile RV repair. Unluckily, if the busy peak has started, you might get your RV fix after a month. It may really get in your way especially with your schedule.

Three types of Mobile RV Repair Service:

  • Regular RV dealer or repair shop: offers their service when requested. These include the motorhome engine and chassis repair service that will come if needed.
  • Mobile Service: they only do a specific service.
  • General RV repair service: installation included that are available in mobile-type service.

Finding a trustworthy and reliable Mobile RV repair is a big risk and can be a gamble especially for first- timer camper. So what will you do especially when you got stuck at an unfamiliar place and currently in need of a mobile RV repair? I listed down below some tips that you can consider in finding the right mobile RV repair service.

1.    Ask for the recommendations of the locals especially coming from the camper management of the place and your fellow campers.

Most people rely on social media sites and their reviews on the mobile RV repair pages. It is really important to do your research. Don’t just rely on social media sites of your chosen mobile RV repair service because obviously, every little positive marketing research can be found at the page. I know it’s going to be a big risk but you have to ask the locals of the place you’re heading for and of course, the camper management regarding the company in case you already chose whom to call.

2.    Check out their service specialty and service charge:

You have to ask them what type of RV they service. So you will know if they can do a repair on yours or not. If they can diagnose your RV type, then ask them their experience and how much will be the cost of

the specific damage that you have in your RV. Also, put things in your mind about their company policy regarding their repair and the issues that may cause if ever it happens after they fixed your RV.

3.    Check their Business License.

Asking about their business license in Mobile RV repair is okay. Once they hang up on you then it’s a red flag. A professional won’t do that, especially in the business world. Now that you got their business

license number, then you may do your research regarding the company’s standing. If they’re good then your money is in the good hands.

4.    Get the Estimated Cost of Repair.

Time and extra fixes can add to the estimated cost of repair. Some workers can notice different damages that your RV might have aside from the main problem that you reported. Take time to list all of them and confirm if they are included in the estimate. If it does, then ask if they can offer you a discount. Also, during the repair, some of them can also cause damages to other parts unintentionally. So you have to also list down an agreement that they will be responsible for financial and repair damage if that happens.

5.    Warranty Provided.

Getting warranty protection is a must! You will need to get warranty protection in order to protect the cost of your initial repair and to cover the cost of the newly repaired in your RV. Since some RV mobile repair service doesn’t offer warranty protection then find a new contact. You wouldn’t like to spend your money on something that isn’t worth it, right?

6.    Build a backup plan even before your RV gets broken.

It is important to list down all your needs just in case you’re on your way to the campground. Remember to take down notes about the contact numbers of your chosen RV mobile repair. It can be either recommended by your camper friend or the ones that you already trusted.

7.    Getting parts for Mobile RV repair.

One of the cons of dealing with mobile RV repair is the lack of spare parts needed that the RV dealers and repair shops have. The mobile tech usually carries used and common items but if ever dealing with the parts that is being needed to obtain somewhere else, then it is better to have a plan and purchase it ahead of time to save money and to get the job completely done once the mobile RV repair has started.

8.    Other Mobile RV Service Repair includes:

  • Window blind and shade repair
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Holding and Clean-out tank
  • Carpet replacement
  • RV detailing.

The services stated above are charged per job basis and there will be no extra fees unless your location is out of their serviceable area.

9.    They have a Van loaded or Pick-up Truck with their tools and commonly needed parts.

They can also fix common RV systems or appliances problems such as repairing leaks, locating and fixing electrical issues,upgrading and installing accessories. But as I’ve said, always check number 5 just in case you encountered any issues.


In order for you to have a smooth and safe travel, always perform a maintenance routine in order for you to avoid any damages and emergencies that your RV can cause. But accidents and emergencies can happen in an avoidable time and place. So make sure to have an idea regarding mobile RV repair service that I stated above, list down the possible cost depending on the damage, the risks, and convenience that mobile RV service can cause you. Also, check with your insurance or roadside assistance provider about the possible coverage that they have. It won’t hurt and it is free to ask questions.

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