RV Rental in Maine: Ultimate Guide for You

RV rental in Maine

We can help you find the best RV rental in Maine ! Just scroll down for more information that will be useful for planning your next camping trip.

Camping in Maine

To begin, let’s answer the question of why you should head out camping to Maine. Simply put, there are several interesting activities you can engage in as well as locations to explore and learn from. Briefly, we’ll present them below.

Things to do

There are even several campgrounds you can stay in while exploring the state of Maine. Some of the things you can do includes mountain biking, rail cycling, hiking, and hunting. For activities that aren’t as intense, you could instead go fishing, golfing or wildlife watching.

Places to go

Regarding the places you can visit, there are still numerous locations you can visit. If you don’t want to engage in tiring activities, you could always explore the state’s agricultural attractions, beaches, lighthouses, museums, and local cuisine.  

RV Rental in Maine

When it comes to renting an RV in Maine, there are several agencies that can give you a hand. Specifically, we’ll be putting the spotlight on the following:

  • Vacationland Rentals
  • Lee’s Family Trailer Sales & Service
  • Experience Maine Rentals
  • Maine Campah Rentals
  • Acadia Camper Rentals
  • Ruby’s RV Rentals

Vacationland Rentals

Firstly, we suggest you take a look at Vacationland Rentals, which has several towable RVs     in their fleet. These RVs’ models range from 2016 to 2020, which you can either haul on your own or have delivered to your location. Moreover, all of them are commercially insured. You also don’t have to worry about camping supplies, propane, and trailer hitches because they are included in the rental package without additional cost. However, generators and portable waste tanks can be rented.

This rental agency’s website contains detailed information about their rental units, from nightly rates, floor plans, features, and tax. If you want to check their availability, you will have to contact them directly. Consequently, you’d have to provide your name, email, dates of trip, vehicle choice, add-ons, and preferred mode (pick up or delivery). Depending on your chosen model, base rental fees range from $110 to $195 nightly and $630 to $1150 weekly.

Lee’s Family Trailer Sales & Service

Next, you should also check out Lee’s Family Trailer Sales & Service. In contrast to our first recommendation, this Maine RV rental has both motorized and towable RVs for rent. What you should know is that they have a minimum rental duration of 1 week. A separate fee is added on top of the first week’s charge for every day in excess. However, they do offer monthly rates so you can save some cash if you’re taking a longer trip.

To inquire about the availability of their units, you will have to send an inquiry through their website. Additionally, you will have to provide your full name, address, zip code, email, phone number, preferred vehicle, campground, destination, and reservation dates.

Experience Maine Rentals

Another RV rental agency you should look into is Experience Maine Rentals. Similar to Vacationland Rentals, this rental outlet only offers towable RVs – all of which are 2018 or 2019 models. Unfortunately, you cannot make a direct reservation on their website. With this in mind, you’d have to send them an email first to check the availability of their vehicles.

Rental fees depend on the duration of your stay, as well as on the timing of your trip. Generally, the longer your trip, the lower your daily rate will be. For example, during peak season, nightly fees can range from $99 to $129. Meanwhile, for off-peak season, rental costs run the gamut from$89 to $199.

Maine Campah Rentals

Alternatively, Maine Campah Rentals is also worth checking out. This RV rental in Maine offers several towable campers. Specifically, they have regular trailers, folding trailers, and utility trailers.  

What’s more, it’s easy to book a camper through their website. All you have to do is select a camper, choose your preferred dates, and then enter your name, email, and phone number. Afterwards, you’ll get a quote then you can press the reserve button. Base rental fees, that is to say rental costs without tax, range from $74 to $129 nightly. Also, they have a 3-night minimum rental duration.  

Acadia Camper Rentals

In addition to the above-mentioned RV rental agencies, we also suggest Acadia Camper Rentals. If you’ve reserved a campground in Acadia National Park, then this is a perfect match. Because Acadia Camper Rentals delivers, sets up, and then picks up their camper rentals, you would have a hassle free camping experience.

Just like other rental agencies, their rental fees depend on the duration of your stay. In fact, they have a set price for 3 days and a week, which is $300 and $500 respectively. Although you cannot make a reservation online, you may call them and inquire about their rentals’ availability.

Ruby’s RV Rentals

Lastly, you should browse through the selection of Ruby’s RV Rentals. This agency has travel trailers, hybrids, and pop-up campers available for you and your family. As with Acadia Camper Rentals, Ruby’s also has a 3-night minimum rental duration. Nightly rental fees are different per vehicle type, with pop-ups at $70 and travel trailers at $100.

Other fees you need to take into account are security deposits, reservation fees, taxes, and penalties if you fail to follow their rules. In order to inquire about a unit’s availability or make a reservation, you have to send a message through their online form.

Final Thoughts on RV Rentals in Maine

Renting an RV in Maine is a popular option among campers who do not own one. It’s a great way to have a luxury camping experience while exploring everything the state has to offer. Additionally, you’ll get the full RV experience at a fraction of the cost.

As shown above, it’s easy to find an RV rental in Maine. Be that as it may, you still need to perform due diligence when researching about your possible options. Although the rentals we mentioned come highly recommended, you should still be aware of their policies and fees pertaining to reservation, cancellation, deposits, and additional utilities and amenities.

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