RV Rental in Oregon: Ultimate Guide for You

RV rental in Oregon

Want to know options for an RV rental in Oregon? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll present a few RV rental agencies you can check out.

Camping in Oregon

To begin with, let’s have an overview of the things you can do and places you can visit in Oregon.

Things to do

In truth, there’s simply to many things to do in Oregon. To maximize your time in the state and explore as much as you can, try the Taste of Oregon Tour. Otherwise, you can opt to do the Three Capes Loop Tour.

For a unique experience, you can try your luck at crabbing in Newport. In other words, catching crab. Alternatively, you could go to Sandland Adventures and have fun at the Dune Buggy tours, Go Karts, or Bumper Boats.

Places to go

On the other hand, if you simply want to go sightseeing, you can visit Multnomah Falls, the Portland Art Museum, Mt. Hood, Powell’s City of Books, Pittock Mansion, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, or Portland Japanese Garden.

These are all excellent locations whether you just want to appreciate the beauty of nature or take an active interest in learning more about the state’s art, culture, and history.

RV Rental in Oregon

So as to help you find an RV rental in Oregon, we’ve put together a list of rental agencies known for providing quality vehicles and good service. Specifically, we’ll present information about the following:

  • Cruise America RV Rental
  • Turn Key RV Rentals
  • DreamLife Northwest
  • Rent RV LLC
  • RV’s To Go
  • RV Gold

Cruise America RV Rental

As has been noted in our previous articles about RV rentals, Cruise America is a trusted rental entity whose reach extends all over the country. Their online platform has been optimized inasmuch as prospective customers will not have a confusing time browsing through their available rentals.

In truth, the clean user interface is just the icing on top of the cake. Aside from this, their wide range of rentals which vary in size and capacity, are well-maintained and offered at a fair price.

Turn Key RV Rentals

Another shop you should look into for an RV rental in Oregon is Turn Key RV Rentals. You can reserve micro trailers, travel trailers, Class A’s, Class C’s, and luxury RVs. You can easily compare the specs, floor plans, and rental fees of each unit because all of them are presented in one page. From this web page, you may also request for a quote. If you’re already decided on a rental unit, then you should accomplish the rental application form.

DreamLife Northwest

Following Turn Key RV Rentals is DreamLife Northwest. As far as renting an RV in Oregon goes, DreamLife Northwest is one agency that can truly deliver. Apart from motorized and towable RVs, you can also rent boats and incorporate that into your plans.

Their website has complete information on the rental fees, specs, frequently asked questions, and rental agreement. Consequently, you can review all the policies related to their rental units before making a decision. In other words, this agency allows you weigh every factor associated with renting their units.


Next, we have to include Rent RV LLC in our recommendations. This Oregon RV Rental agency has been in business for almost half a century. If that fact doesn’t make you trust them, we don’t know what will. They offer both motorhomes and travel trailers for rent. Subsequently, the variety of choices makes it an attractive rental agency. Moreover, there’s a possibility of up to 20% savings due to a lack of sales tax.

To summarize their rental prices, click here. Of course, these are just weekly estimates. For a more accurate quote of your rental fee, you would have to request quote.

RV’s To Go

Also, we suggest you take a look at RV’s To Go, an RV rental in Portland that has travel trailer and Class C RV rental units. What sets this apart from other rental agencies, is it clearly states upfront that they do not charge for prep and sanitation, generator usage, holding tank disposal, awning, and taxes.

As a result, they have relatively more affordable rental fees. However, they are dependent on the duration and time of your rental. To sum it up, you can check this page. Moreover, you can send a rental request through this online form.

RV Gold

In addition to the above-mentioned RV rental agencies, RV Gold is another that can provide you with a suitable RV rental in Oregon, be it a Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhome.

Similar to RV’s To Go, this rental agency boasts super low rental rates. For this reason, it’s a great option for campers on a budget. That being said, be aware that they charge fees for prep and sanitation. In addition, make sure to read their rental policy requirements before submitting a rental application.


Lastly, ROAMERICA is another rental that we recommend particularly for campers who want to travel the Pacific Northwest without being encumbered by huge and bulky vehicles. With this in mind, this RV rental in Oregon offers campervan rentals for the mobile campers.

Moreover, they have several campervan models, all of which are capable of traversing difficult terrain due to having a 4-wheel drive. Apart from the campervan itself, the rental package comes with camping equipment, bedding & bath items, as well as kitchen and cooking tools. For a full list of these inclusions, click here. Regarding their rental rates, take a look at here.  

Final Word on RV rental in Oregon

As you can see, you have several options regarding an RV Rental in Oregon. In view of this, you will not have a hard time planning a camping trip once you’ve selected a rental unit. Nevertheless, renting an RV comes with many responsibilities. The first thing to remember is you should follow the terms and conditions that the rental agency has set. As a result, you’ll have a smooth camping trip.

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