RV Rental in New Jersey: Ultimate Guide for You

RV rental in New Jersey

If you’re looking for an RV rental in New Jersey , then you’ve stumbled upon the correct article. Below, we’ll be covering areas of interest, outdoor recreation, and rental agencies that can be found in New Jersey.

Camping in New Jersey

Firstly, this section will give an overview of the things you can do and places you can visit in New Jersey. They consist of activities and location that will cater both to people who just want to relax, and those who are looking for an adrenaline rush.

Things to do

If you’re going to New Jersey, it would be a shame to skip out on hanging out in their 130-mile coastline. Choose a beach to head to and enjoy the sun, white sand, and ocean breeze. Another option is going to amusement and water parks.

On the other hand, for an epic outdoor adventure, you can head to Pinelands National Reserve. Here, you can explore abandoned towns or hike through the woods. There also several campgrounds in this area, which will allow you to look into water activities like riding a boat, getting on a canoe, or going fishing. Alternatively, you could also stick to land and go horseback riding and hunting.

Places to go

If adrenaline rush is not your cup of tea, that’s alright. New Jersey still has other places to offer – places that let you appreciate arts and culture, history, and nature. For instance, there are several exhibits on dance, art, and culture that you could visit. Look for a performing arts theater and see what they have to offer. For history, you could make your way to New Jersey State Museum or Burlington Historic District. Finally, to get in touch with nature, you can make the rounds in the state’s many gardens and arboretums.

To sum it up, there are a number of things you can do if you choose this state as your next camping destination. In relation to this, renting an RV in New Jersey will make your experience more comfortable, enjoyable, and most of all, memorable.

RV Rental in New Jersey

All things considered, finding a suitable RV rental in New Jersey will not be too difficult. There are more than a few rental agencies you can look into, of which we will be discussing below. Specifically, we’ll talk about the following:

  • Cruise America RV Rental
  • 84 RV Rentals & Service
  • Road Bear RV Rentals & Sales
  • Premier Luxury RV Rentals
  • Fun Time Vacations LLC

Cruise America RV Rental

To begin with, we recommend you check out Cruise America RV Rental. This nationwide company actually has 4 branches in New Jersey. Specifically, in Mt. Laurel Township, Cliffwood, Lake Hiawatha, and Kenvil.

As has been noted our previous write ups, Cruise America has a range of rental units which includes large, standard, and compact RVs, as well as truck campers. Through their website, you can explore each unit’s features, specs, sleeping capacity, and amenities.    

84 RV Rentals & Service

Secondly, you should also take a look at 84 Rentals & Service. This New Jersey RV Rental offers both long-term and short-term RV rentals. You can choose between a motorized vehicle or a towable vehicle. Either way, you’ll still have several choices depending on capacity, length, and floor plan.

The reason why we highly recommend this shop is the fact that they go above and beyond their duty to provide a great experience. For instance, if you choose to rent a unit from them, you can leave your vehicle to park for free on their lot, for the duration of your trip. What’s more, unlike other rental places, they do not charge you a penalty fee if you return your vehicle without emptying their waste tanks.

Road Bear RV Rentals & Sales

Next, we suggest you browse through Road Bear RV Rentals & Sales, which a variety of Class C motorhomes in its fleet. Their main difference is their sleeping capacity, which consequently also has implications for other specs such as length, width, and height. Actually, they’ve made a comparison chart for their rental units, so as to help you make a decision on which is the best fit for you.

If you choose to rent from this provider, you’ll be assured of a well-maintained vehicle, owing to the newness of Road Bear RV Rentals & Sales’ units. In fact, they only have 2019-2020 models available.

Premier Luxury RV Rentals

Another option you can look into is Premier Luxury RV Rentals. This RV rental in New Jersey has a selection of motorhomes – luxury RVs and a campervan – in their fleet. What’s more, it’s possible to make a reservation online.

However, we suggest you try calling them instead, so that you can have 10% be taken off the rental fee. Although they market themselves as having lower prices than the competitor, 10% is still a huge deduction. Regarding their rental prices, campervans cost $155 nightly. Meanwhile, $765 to $1250.

Fun Time Vacations LLC

Lastly, we’ll also highlight Fun Time Vacations LLC. Now, this provider is different from the others in that it has smaller operations. To be more specific, they only have two rental units, and old units at that – 2007 and 2006 Class C’s.

However, do not judge the rental units by their age. They are well-maintained and are still often booked by many people. You can take a look at their rental fees here. Additionally, in order to submit a reservation form, you’d have to fill up this online form.

Final Thoughts on RV Rental in New Jersey

On the whole, it will be easy to find an RV rental in New Jersey. As you can see, there is an abundance of rental agencies, which subsequently have an array of rental units you can choose from. All in all, camping in this state will give you several memories to look back on. Additionally, renting an RV in New Jersey is a manageable task that will make the experience all the better.

As a last reminder, make sure you check and read through all of the terms and conditions of your vehicle provider. It’s better to be knowledgeable about possible charges for deposit, reservation, and penalty.

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