RV Rental in Montana: Ultimate Camper’s Guide

RV rental in Montana

If you’re on the hunt for an RV rental in Montana, then this article is for you. Continue reading to know more information about Montana’s attractions, outdoor activities, and lastly, highly recommended RV rental outlets.

Montana Camping

Montana is one of the most popular states to camp in, owing to its numerous mountains, valleys, wildlife, rivers, and waterfalls. With this as the backdrop to your getaway trip, how can it be hard to resist? As a matter of fact, with the abundance of things to do in Montana, many people find it hard to craft an itinerary.

For this reason, the state’s official tourism, travel, and vacation information site put together a bunch of trip ideas to help give your adventure a direction. Their guide includes road trips, family adventure, epic fun, and winter trips.

To put it simply, Montana is an excellent camping destination no matter the season. Whether you prefer to relax, chase adventure, or both, this state is a multidimensional location that will let you have serenity and excitement all at once. Thus, camping be it tent, cabin, or RV, is really prevalent in the state.

RV Rental in Montana

If you’d like to get the full experience of camping with an RV, it would be great to find a rental in your planned destination. This will make for a hassle-free and comfortable camping experience. In Montana, specifically, there are a number of rental outlets that will let you do this.

Below are six highly rated agencies that you should check out if you’re looking for an RV rental in Montana. Specifically, we’ll present information on the following:

  • Cruise America RV Rental
  • Happy Campers Travel Trailer and RV Rental
  • Campervan North America LLC
  • Gardner’s RV and Trailer Center
  • Paradise Overland
  • Sport Land

Cruise America RV Rental

The first Montana RV rental we suggest you look into is Cruise America. Cruise America is a known RV rental company and dealer that has branches across the nation. In the state of Montana alone, it has two – one in Bozeman, and another in Billings.

On their website, their rentals are categorized into four: large RV, standard RV, compact RV, and truck camper. Large, standard, and compact RVs all have relatively the same amenities, which includes air conditioning, fresh water toilet, gas cooktop, generator, refrigerator, microwave, and shower. Moreover, they are pet friendly and allowed to be towed.

The big difference lies in their maximum capacity because the large, standard, and compact RV can only accommodate a maximum of 7, 5, and 3 people. As for their truck camper rental, the amenities are mostly the same except that it doesn’t have a generator and it’s not allowed to be towed. Similar to the compact RV, it has a maximum capacity of three people.

Happy Campers Travel Trailer and RV Rental

Secondly, you have to check out Happy Campers Travel Trailer and RV Rental. You may choose from campers or motorhomes, depending on your preference. Of course, your decision also depends on your budget and destination. Notably, Happy Campers offers 2018 and 2019 models. Thus, you can be assured that they are well-maintained and in good condition.

Their website has detailed information on every model in their catalogue, so if you want to know more, you should definitely click this link. Furthermore, to get a quote, you’ll first have to submit a reservation request in their website.  

Campervan North America LLC

Thirdly, another Montana RV rental worth mentioning is Campervan North America LLC. If you prefer to be more mobile, then you should take a look at their rentals which have a 5-night minimum period. They offer five models – Edelweiss, Bunkhouse, Treasure Chaser, Two4theRoad, and Clanhauler.

Regarding the rental fees, it depends on when you plan to take your trip, as well as the duration. Apart from the rate of the campervan, there are other fees you need to pay such as an advance down payment, security deposit, set up and cleaning fee, mileage, and pet fees. This is discussed in more detail here.

Gardner’s RV and Trailer Center

Fourthly, the next RV rental agency to keep at the back of your mind is Gardner’s RV and Trailer Center. You may choose from a Class C, Travel Trailer, or Utility Trailer. As is with most RV rental agencies, Gardner’s RV has a minimum rental period. That is to say, during peak seasons, your rental has to be at least 3 nights. On the other hand, during shoulder seasons, the minimum period goes down to two.

While they have a wild selection, Gardner’s also has an extensive list of rules in terms of reservation, deposits, payments, cancellation, pickup and returns, cleaning and dumping, pets, smoking, and rental insurance. In line with this, you should read their terms and conditions in more detail. Click here to do so.

Paradise Overland

Lastly, Paradise Overland is a rental agency that offers vehicles perfect for the individual or group who loves adventure. What makes this different from other RV rentals is the kind of vehicles that it offers. To be specific, Paradise Overland offers 4×4 adventure vehicles capable of traversing through rough terrain.

As a matter of fact, their vehicles are either an SUV or truck that comes equipped with off-the-ground sleeping, complete camp kitchen, and camp furniture. In particular, you can rent a Lexus GX470, Toyota RAV4, or a Toyota Tundra for a minimum duration of 4 days. Regarding the costs, both the Lexus SUV and Toyota RAV4’s rental fees are $200 per night while the Toyota Tundra is $220.

Given their rentals, it can be deduced that this rental agency prizes mobility above all so that you can really explore Montana in depth. That being said, they do not sacrifice quality and comfort to do so.

Conclusion on RV Rental in Montana

Renting an RV in Montana is the gateway to having a memorable camping experience. As demonstrated above, there are several rental outlets in the state which are capable of answering your need. All you have to do is browse through their extensive selection, read their terms and conditions, and then decide which is the best fit for you.

Afterwards, all that’s left to do is plan your trip and enjoy. So are you planning on booking an RV rental in Montana anytime soon?

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