RV Rental in Missouri: Ultimate Camper’s Guide

RV rental in Missouri

It’s easy to look for an RV rental in Missouri. We’ve made it even easier for you by compiling some of the best rental outlets in one list. To know more, continue reading. We’ll also go over the unique charms of Missouri as a camping destination.

Camping in Missouri

Missouri is home to a range of tourism hot spots. Specifically, it has many locations that cater to arts and culture, family fun, local cuisine, entertainment, sightseeing, and of course, outdoor recreation.

Places to go and Things to do

For instance, some places you could visit to learn more about the state’s culture and arts are Saint Louis Art Museum, Henry County Museum and Cultural Arts Center, Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery, and Springfield Art Museum. In terms of history, you could also visit Watkins Woolen Mill State Historic Site and Felix Vallé House State Historic Site.

Alternatively, you could visit state parks and just bask in the beauty of nature. This includes locations such as Prairie, Lake of the Ozarks, Mark Twain, and Johnson’s Shut-Ins. Missouri’s state parks aren’t just to marvel at the beauty of nature. You can also join guided hikes, go hunting, or try fishing.

RV Rental in Missouri

Since we’ve finished giving an overview of Missouri as a camping destination, we can proceed to discuss some RV rental outlets. Specifically, we’ll take a look at the following:

  • Happy Trails RV Center
  • Byerly RV Center
  • Cruise America RV Rental
  • Unlimited RV
  • U.S. Rents-It
  • Missouri Teardrop Trailers

Happy Trails RV Center

Firstly, you have to check out the rentals available at Happy Trails RV Center, which boasts to be the largest and most complete vacation rental service in the state of Missouri. Since we’re talking about its rentals, this rental agency has offers both towable and motorized RVs. This means you can choose based on your budget, destination, or preference.

Its towables include pop up campers, tent campers, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. Rental prices for these start at $95 daily. On the other hand, motorhomes which can be either a Class A or a Class C, have rental prices starting at $180 a day.

In order to make a reservation, you have to go to their website and enter your location, pick-up date, and drop-off date into corresponding text boxes. Afterwards, you can sort them by price, vehicle type, and length.

Byerly RV Center

Secondly, we also suggest Byerly RV Center, which has existed since 1948. This Missouri RV rental outlet has a variety of models, both towable and motorized, in its selection. Moreover, all of its rentals come from trusted lines, including but not limited to Winnebago Adventurer, Windsport, Four Winds, Outlaw, Gemini RUV, Keystone, Forest River, and Prime Time Fury.

Reservations are easily facilitated through their website, which displays the weekend and weekly rate for each rental for in-season and off-season periods. Although the rates are on the pricy side, it includes generator use as well as free 150 mileage a day.

Cruise America RV Rental

Thirdly, we cannot exclude Cruise America from the list. As you may or may not know, Cruise America is a known and trusted RV rental entity, with a nationwide reach. While reservations can be done online, Cruise America has two branches in Missouri. Specifically, it has one in Lee’s Summit and another in Villa Ridge.

As one of the largest rental agencies, Cruise America has an extensive catalogue of large, standard, and compact RVs, as well as truck campers. They include all the amenities to keep you comfortable on the road. You can select an RV depending on their maximum capacity, available features and amenities, or price.

Unlimited RV

Fourthly, we recommend you visit the website of Unlimited RV and browse through their rentals. Their selection ranges from family sized motorhomes and travel trailers to extended family sized motorhomes and trailers. You can expect to have a great experience because the family who owns this RV rental drew from their own experience in travelling.

Before you get a rental quote, you would have to fill out this form with your preferred RV type, RV size, trip duration, pick up and return dates, destination, and estimated mileage. Aside from trip details you’d also have to key in personal details like your name, age, email, location, and number of people in your party.

U.S. Rents-It

Following Unlimited RV, we must also insist you check out U.S. Rents-It. This Rents, Sales, Service, and Party Center has motorhome and pop up camper rentals. Specifically, they have a 2019 Sunseeker Mini Home and a 2018 Coachmen Clipper Pop up Camping Trailer.

With regard to the motorhome, you have to rent it for a minimum of 7 days. In the case that you plan to have additional days, you will have to pay for each extension. Moreover, you also have to pay for mileage. However, this only applies if you use up your free 700 miles. In comparison with the motorhome, the pop up rental has a shorter minimum rental period. That is to say, it only has four days. You still have to pay for any day in excess of that.

For both rentals, you’d have to pay a deposit. Although it sounds a little pricy, the great thing about U.S. Rents-It is the rate are already plus Missouri tax. This means you won’t be surprised with your final bill.

Missouri Teardrop Trailers

Lastly, If you just want a small camper, then maybe you should take a chance on Missouri Teardrop Trailers. This rental agency specializes in teardrop campers as well as cirrus truck campers. It has several units of teardrop campers which differ in floor plans.

Although a teardrop trailer looks small from the outside, it’s just enough to have a place to rest your tired bones at the end of the day. What’s more, based on the floor plans, they prioritize storage. Thus, there are a ton of cabinet spaces. If you’d like to know more about their rentals, you’d have to contact them through this form.

Conclusion on RV Rental in Missouri

In summary, finding an RV rental in Missouri is not a hard task due to the abundance of rental agencies for recreational vehicles. The six that we discussed above are just a few of your options. However, it would be good to scope out more just so you can determine where you can get the most value for cost.

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