RV Rental in Wisconsin: Ultimate Camper’s Guide

RV rental in Wisconsin

If you want to know where to get an RV rental in Wisconsin, we’re here to help. Below, we’ll discuss a few reasons why you should make Wisconsin your next vacation destination. Afterwards, we’ll follow it up with RV rental outlets you can check out.

Camping in Wisconsin

Each year, millions of people venture into Wisconsin to camp out in their State Parks so they can enjoy various activities and scenic locations it has to offer. Whether you plan for a staycation or an adventure, the state will have something for you. In line with this, let’s go over them briefly.

Places to go

There are several locations to discover in Wisconsin. Whether you want to explore the midwestern state’s art and culture, local food, and natural attractions, or you want to get a taste of its entertainment and outdoor activities, you can visit a number of areas.

As an example, the Wisconsin Museum, Wisconsin Outdoor Theater and Basilica of St. Josaphat, are excellent educational, cultural, and historical sites to drop by. Alternatively, if you want to enjoy the state’s entertainment attractions, you can make your way to Wisconsin Dells, spas, or drive-in movie theaters. For campgrounds that outdoor enthusiasts will love, you can check out Wolf River Trips & Campground, Sure-Woof Forest Campground, Wild West Campground, and Devil’s Lake State Park, to name a few.

Things to do

As terms of things to do, Wisconsin’s national parks have diverse activities for a variety of campers. For instance, there are campgrounds fit for active individuals while there are others more suitable for families because they offer kid-friendly activities. If you love water activities, you can also find waterside campsites. Additionally, you can also try new things like off-grid camping and equestrian camping.

Other things you can do include river tubing in the Apple River Hideaway, kayaking or canoeing in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, fishing in Tomahawk, or horseback riding in Amherst, Rock climbing in Baraboo.

RV Rental in Wisconsin

Now that you know more about the range of activities and places Wisconsin has to offer, let’s proceed to RV rentals. To begin, how do you go about renting an RV in Wisconsin? Truthfuly, finding a good RV rental in Wisconsin is not a difficult task. In fact, there are several outlets willing to serve you and your needs. That being said, continue reading if you want to know more about them. Specifically, we’ll tell you about the following:

  • Happy Trails RV Rentals
  • Prosser RV Rentals
  • Kunes Country RV & Truck Center
  • Interstate RV Rental

Happy Trails RV Rentals

Firstly, we suggest you take a look at Happy Trails RV Rentals. This rental agency offers several classes of recreational vehicles, both towable and motorized. Specifically, you may choose among fold down rentals, expandable rentals, travel trailers, and motorhomes.

On a related note, all their vehicles have a 3-night minimum rental period. In terms of their rental rates, fold down rentals cost $250 for 3 nights and $294 for 7 nights. Meanwhile, expandable rentals are slightly more expensive at $420 and $528 per 3 nights and 7 nights, respectively. With regard to motorhome rentals, the rental fee ranges from $426 to $597 per 3 nights and $994 to $1393 for a week. Additionally, there’s also a separate $0.31 charged per mile of your travel.

Prosser RV Rentals

Secondly, we also recommend Prosser RV Rentals. They have fold downs, Class C’s, Class B’s, travel trailers, ultra-lite campers, and pop-up campers in their catalogue. Similar to Happy Trails RV Rentals, Prosser has a 3-night minimum rental period as well.

With this in mind, each model’s average base rental price for 3 nights are the following:

  • Fold down: $237
  • Class C: $447
  • Class B: $597
  • Travel Trailer: $267
  • Ultra-lite Camper: $276
  • Pop-up Camper: $147

Moreover, there are other fees on reservation, late return, and mileage. Apart from these, a separate fee for propane, cleaning, dumping, and porta-potty can also be applied. A delivery and retrieval fee will be determined based on your location. Lastly, know that these rates further depend on the model you select.

Kunes Country RV & Truck Center

Another Wisconsin RV rental worth checking out is Kunes Country RV & Truck Center. You should take a look at them because they have well maintained Class C’s and travel trailers in their arsenal. Depending on the age of your chosen vehicle, the nightly and weekly rental fee will either be higher or lower. Typically, newer models cost more to rent. The previous RV rental outlets we mentioned all have a minimum rental period. Likewise, Kunes Country also has a 3-night minimum duration for rental.

With that in mind, their trailers can be rented for as low as $140 per night and $980 a week. Meanwhile, for their Type C motorhome, the 3-day rental rate is $870 while the weekly rate is $1750. Other fees include a $500 reservation deposit, $1000 security deposit, and 10.5% tax. A $0.39 mileage fee also applies for their Class C rentals. However, that only takes effect once you exhaust your 700 free miles.

Interstate RV Sales and Service Inc.

Lastly, we also recommend you check out Interstate RV Sales and Service Inc. In comparison with our previous recommendations, they have a 4-day minimum rental period instead of 3. Also, they only loan out motorized RVs. In terms of the rental fee, it is set at $895 for 4 days and $1125 for a week. Furthermore, for each additional day, you will have to pay $180. Similar to the three previous rental agencies, Interstate RV also requires a deposit, which amounts to $1000. Finally, there are other fees such as mileage at $0.29 per mile and a late fee of $150 – $200.

In addition, if you were to use the generator, you get a set number of free hours depending on the duration of your rental. Specifically, a week-long rental will get 5 hours while less would get 3. You’d have to pay $1.50 for every additional hour you make use of it.

Final Word on an RV Rental in Wisconsin

It’s easy to find an RV Rental in Wisconsin. It’s also the most economical option if you want to get the full RV experience without having to purchase one. In renting an RV in Wisconsin, you just have to make sure you’re aware of the rental outlet’s terms and conditions. This will save you from being shocked by hidden fees. For example, some rental agencies will charge you additional fees if you return your rental without a full tank of gas.

All in all, as long as you keep yourself informed of the rules set by your rental agency, you’ll get to enjoy your camping trip without any problems.

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