RV Rental in Wyoming: Ultimate Rental Guide

RV Rental in Wyoming

Looking for an RV rental in Wyoming? We’ve got your back. Below, we’ll give an overview of the state as a camping spot, and then proceed to present you with some options for renting an RV in Wyoming.

Why Wyoming?

Why Wyoming? Let’s begin by answering this question. That is to say, why should you choose this state as your next camping destination? Simply put, Wyoming is a great location if you’re looking for a vacation. Whether you want to relax or go on an adventure, this state has several things to offer.

Briefly, we’ll go over some of the places you can visit and activities you can pursue in this beautiful state.

Places to go

For instance, in terms of tourist spots, there are several national parks, monuments, recreation areas, and historic sites you could visit. Firstly, there’s the Grand Teton National Park, which has landscapes and lush valleys perfect for photo ops. Alternatively, you could also check out Devil’s Tower National Monument and Fossil Butte National Monument, two of the country’s iconic geological formations.

In case you want to be closer to nature, you could also explore the state’s national forests – Bighorn, Black Hills, Bridger-Teton, Caribou-Targhee, and Shoshone, among others. Other areas you could explore include historic sites such as Fort Laramie, Fort Bridger, Camp Douglas, and Pioneer Museum.  

Things to do

Moving on to things you can do in Wyoming, there’s also an extensive list. Specifically, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, off-roading, and skiing. On the other hand, if want to go for less strenuous activities, wildlife viewing, stargazing, hot springs, and golf are also available options.

On the off chance that outdoor activities aren’t your thing, explore the state’s unique food and drinks by visiting local breweries, distilleries, restaurants, and wineries. Then again, you could also opt to learn about their culture through art galleries, rodeos, and theater plays.

Without a doubt, this state will give you unforgettable memories. The best and most affordable way to make the most of these Western experiences, is by camping and dedicating enough time to explore everything. This is where Wyoming RV rental comes in.

RV Rental in Wyoming

Because of its popularity as a camping destination, several options have cropped up for people in need of an RV rental in Wyoming. If you’re one of them, continue reading to know more information. Specifically, we’ll present information on the following rental outlets:

  • Adventure RV
  • Sonny’s RV
  • Moterra Camper Vans
  • Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals

Adventure RV

First, we have Adventure RV, a local dealer that offers the newest motorhome models in order to satisfy its clientele. They give you several options of Class A’s, Class C’s, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. All of which are from top brands such as but not limited to Grand Design, Keystone RV, Riverside RV, and Forest River.

In general, the RV rentals they have can sleep up to 10 people. Moreover, they have a lounge area with sofa, kitchen, bathroom, dinette area, and double mattress bed bunks. In order to book or inquire about a rental, you may visit their website and submit an inquiry.

Sonny’s RV

Second, you should check out Sonny’s RV. Sonny’s RV has a wide selection of Class C rental RVs and travel trailers for you to choose from. Moreover, they vary in size, capacity, and price. To illustrate, their selection comes with motorhomes that fall between 22 to 27 feet in length. Some vehicles can sleep up to 5 people, while some can accommodate up to 7.

On the average, the rental fee for each motorhome runs the gamut of $142 to $263. Should you need more detail, you can contact them through their website. Alternatively, you can view their available motorhome directly and book a schedule here.

Moterra Campervans

Another option for an RV rental in Wyoming is Moterra Campervans. From their name itself, you could probably infer that their catalogue consists of campervans. Specifically, you can rent either a pop-top campervan or a high roof campervan. While their pop-top campervans can sleep a maximum of 4 people, their high roof campervans can accommodate at most three.

When you rent a motorhome from Moterra Campervans, you also get kitchen supplies, bedding and sheets, and other amenities such as a camp table, camp chairs, fire extinguisher, and a lighter. Additionally, you also have the option of having a toilet. All of this and more, for just $299 a night.  

What’s more, their booking process is quite simple. As a matter of fact, their website says you can finish their campervan rental process within five minutes.  All you have to do is choose your preferred pick up location, pick a campervan, and enter the schedule you had in mind.

Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals

To wrap up our list, we also have to mention Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals. Jackson Hole Adventure Rentals is your one stop shop when it comes to vehicle rentals that will complement your planned trips. This is especially true for outdoor buffs because aside from travel trailers, they also have ATV, watercraft, and motorcycle rentals, among others.

Regarding their travel trailer rentals, there are two types you can choose from. One is 17 feet in length while the other is 26 feet. Their 17-foot Jayco Bunkhouse Baja Travel Trailer has a daily and weekly rental rate of $149 and $900, respectively. On the other hand, the 26-foot Jayco Bunkhouse Travel Trailer’s daily and weekly rates are $189 and $1150.

On top of their daily and weekly rental fees, there are separate fees for the linen kit ($25), kitchen kit ($25), and generator ($25 daily and $150 weekly). If you have these things on hand, then it would be better to bring them. In this way, you’ll get to save some cash.

Final thoughts on renting an RV in Wyoming

In summary, there are a number of places to visit as well as things to do in this state. No matter what kind of camper you are, you’ll surely find an activity that strikes your fancy. That being said, one of the best ways to explore the area is by finding an excellent RV rental in Wyoming.

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