Is there an Airstream Rental Near Me?

airstream rental near me

If you’ve gone on the internet searching for “ airstream rental near me ” recently, then this article for you. Below, we’ll present motorhome rental platforms that have airstreams in their listings. Let’s dive right in.

Airstream rentals

Airstream is a time-tested brand of towable trailers. It has been around for more than eight decades with an iconic design built to last a lifetime. They are prized for their durability, safety, and comfort.

Going on the road with an Airstream basically amounts to camping in luxury. To illustrate, the inside of an airstream has modern appliances, climate control features, entertainment features, and comfortable furniture. Truly, it embodies the perfect home on the road. Don’t you think so?

That being said, Airstream trailers are on the expensive side. Even the smallest model, which sleeps up to two people, costs almost $40,000. For this reason, airstream rentals have become a popular alternative for campers who want to experience the amenities of one such trailer.

With this goal in mind, many people have decided to browse the world wide web for possible avenues. Like you, they probably typed in “airstream rental near me” onto their browsers.

Is there an Airstream rental near me?

If you want to know whether or not there’s an airstream rental near you, you can check out rental platforms such as RVshare, Outdoorsy, Campanda, LivMobil, and Utah Caravans. These platforms allow you to search for an available Airstream rental based on location. We’ll discuss them in more detail below.


If you type “airstream rental near me” on any search engine, RVshare will surely turn up. There’s a reason for this. RVshare is one of the biggest and most trusted RV rental platforms around.

Their website makes it easy to search for RV rentals by location because their listings can be sorted by state or by city. Aside from location, other filters include price per night, type of RV – drivable or towable, rental rules, availability of amenities and accessories, vehicle length, and vehicle age. Additionally, you can also include a specific keyword, let’s say Airstream, in your search criteria.

Moreover, RVshare also offers many resources to help you decide on the type of RV that will be compatible with your needs. What’s more, if you can’t find an Airstream near you, they have a delivery service for more convenience.

Another reason why many people consider RVshare as a top rental platform is with every RV or trailer rental comes a comprehensive insurance plan which has collision and liability coverage.


Our second recommendation is Outdoorsy, which we’ve already mentioned a few times in different articles. Outdoorsy has been called the Airbnb for RVs and it has several Airstream listings on its website. So, how to you book an Airstream?

First, you go to their website. Second, you have to type in your location and preferred dates. Third, type in “Airstream” in the textbox for Keyword. Once you press enter, available Airstream rentals will appear. To further refine your search, you can also use other filters such as number of people, price, type of vehicle, availability for delivery, available appliances, amenities, rules, and ratings.


Following RVshare and Outdoorsy, we recommend you head to Campanda’s website. Campanda is a website that lists rental deals from all over the world. Unlike our two previous recommendations, Campanda isn’t limited to private motorhome owners. This rental platform also has RV listings from commercial vehicle suppliers.

On their website, RV listings can be sorted using a number of filters. Specifically, you can browse through their vast array of RV rentals using filters for pick-up point, pick-up and return date, number of travelers, vehicle type, price, user ratings, amenities, equipment, brand and model, weight and length, water tank, engine and fuel, and supplier type. While rental prices vary, there are listings for an Airstream that go for a low as $99 per night.


Fourthly, you should check out LivMobil, an Airstream Rental Company. Since this company is dedicated to Airstreams, the process of renting a trailer is fairly simple. All you have to do is enter your name, email, desired dates, and location, into their website. Afterwards, they will do the rest. What’s more, you can pick your rental up or have it delivered to a location of your choosing. Interestingly, LivMobil also has a partnership with Outdoorsy. This means their vehicles are more accessible to campers.

In terms of their rental rates, older models are more affordable. For instance, middle to late-2000’s models will cost $260 nightly, $1,750 weekly, and $3,600 monthly. You also have to rent them for a minimum of 3 nights. On the other hand, 2017 and 2018 Airstream models have a rental fee of $320 nightly, $2,300 weekly, and $4,900 monthly. These newer models have a 4-night minimum policy.

Utah Caravans

Utah Caravans is another company dedicated to Airstream rentals. Specifically, they have two models in their fleet: the 16-feet Airstream Sport and the 19-feet Airstream International.

For these vehicles, you have to rent them for a minimum of four nights. Each rental package comes with a fee for roadside assistance, basic protection, and damage protection. Just to give you an idea of the fee, 4 nights with the 16ft Airstream Sport will cost you about $735. Meanwhile, 4 nights with Airstream International will add up to around $864. Make sure to check out their website for details on their available dates, as well as the schedule for pick up and drop off points.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are several rental platforms where you can find an answer for the question, “Is there an Airstream rental near me?”. Specifically, we’ve given you four options – RVShare, Outdoorsy, and Campanda. If you really want to experience going on a trip with an Airstream, those are reliable RV rental platforms which you can browse through.

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