RV Park Durango Colorado: Ultimate Camper’s Guide

RV Park Durango Colorado

Wondering about the best RV Park Durango Colorado has to offer?  Look no further. We’ve scoured the Internet for reviews and looked at several RV parks’ specs so we could come up with a list that can help you decide your next destination

Camping in Durango, Colorado

There are several things you can do in Durango Colorado. For one, you can go to the Durango Silverton Railroad and enjoy a ride aboard it. Another thing you can do is attend the Bar D Chuckwagon Dinner Show, which is appropriate for both kids and adults.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there are still plenty of activities for you to choose from. For instance, anglers can go fishing in the Animas River, the Florida, the Pine, or the La Plata. If fishing’s not your speed, you can opt to go biking, horseback riding, rafting, or kayaking. Additionally, you can choose to do a jeep tour, hummer adventure, or snowmobile experience.

RV Park Durango Colorado

Below, we’ll present a list of what we think are contenders for the best RV Park Durango Colorado has to offer. Specifically, we’ll take a look at the following RV parks:

  • Durango RV Park
  • Lighner Creek Camground and Cabins
  • Alpen Rose RV Park

Durango RV Park

First on our list is Durango RV Park, which is open all year round. What differentiates this RV park from others is its adults only policy. This provides campers with a peaceful camping experience amidst the backdrop of serene and picturesque trees and skies.

This RV Park is a simple and straight to the point campground perfect for long term or full time RVers. Among its amenities are laundry facilities and WiFi.  It puts the comfort of its tenants at the center of its operations and it has paid off. Year after year, many campers choose to return to Durango RV Park.

Additionally, this campground only has monthly rentals, and it’s dependent on the number of people in your party. The rental fee for one adult ranges from $375 to $525 per month while the fee for two adults is $625 monthly. Your electricity bill is a separate expense. One thing to note about this campground is it isn’t pet friendly. No dogs are allowed to stay with you so you’ll have to leave your pets behind.  

Lightner Creek Campground and Cabins

Second on our list is the highly rated Lightner Creek Campground and Cabins. If you go to TripAdvisor, you’ll see the reviews of many satisfied campers, giving it an average rating of 4.5 stars. This 27-acre property is a dream destination for nature lovers. You can relax in the campground or explore the Perins Wilderness State Park. Unlike our previous recommendation, Lightner Creek Campground is pet-friendly so you can take them with you even if you plan to engage in several outdoor activities.

Speaking of outdoor activities, Lightner Creek Campground and Cabins lets you enjoy the range offered by the Durango Area. This includes hiking, mountain biking, fishing, zip-lining, off-roading, rock-climbing, and river rafting.

Its amenities include clean restrooms and showers, a swimming pool, laundromat, pet park, dog-walking service, basketball court, and a convenient camp store within the premises. They have full hookups for electricity, water, and sewer. They also offer either 30 or 50-amp power. Moreover, they also have partial hookup sites for electricity and water.

In terms of this campground’s rental rates, it’s dependent on the season. For instance, during the summer, 50 amp full hookup sites cost $56 nightly while 30 amp full hookup sites cost $51. For partial hookups, the nightly rate is $43. During Spring and Fall, full hookup sites for 50 amp cost $43 and $38 for 30 amp. Partial hookup sites fall to $33. In winter, this campground does not offer water or sewer hookups, as well as dumping. 50-amp sites cost $40 while 30 amp sites cost $30.

Alpen Rose RV Park

Third on our list is Alpen Rose RV Park, which gets a 4-star average rating on TripAdvisor for their strategic location and friendly management. If you want the best of both worlds, that is to say, having the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation, Alpen Rose RV Park is the best option.

Alpen Rose RV Park may be nestled in the Animas River Valley but it is still quite accessible to Durango’s many other attractions. From this RV Park, you are free to come and go as you explore the Mesa Verde National Park or relax in a hot spring, or go hiking. If you’re going on a full out adventure in Colorado, this is the ideal home base. What’s more, if you want to just enjoy the scenery, you can because it has fantastic mountain views.

Among its amenities are WiFi, swimming pool, pet playground, laundry room, and restrooms and showers. In addition, Alpen Rose RV Park has 100 full hookup sites that offer either 30 or 50 amp power. During the low season, rental rates are $55 nightly and $330 weekly for 30 or 50 amp sites, and $57.50 nightly and $345 weekly for premium 50 amp sites. If you need big rig sites, you’ll have to pay $60 per night and $360 per week.

If your camping plans are in the high season, regular 30 or 50 amp sites cost $57 nightly and $342 weekly. On the other hand, premium 50 amp sites have a rental fee of $59.50 a night and $357 a week. Meanwhile, big rig sites cost $62 per night and $372 per week.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve typed “RV Park Durango Colorado” into a search engine recently, then you might have come to the same conclusion as us. The RV parks we recommended above are among the best in Durango, Colorado. Clearly, in terms of their location, cleanliness, reviews, and affordability, they edge out the rest. Which of the RV parks Durango Colorado has do you think is the best? Would you pack your bags now and head to one of them?

As always, before heading out on a camping trip, make sure you’ve done your own research and have taken the time to ensure you’ve brought all your necessities. Moreover, make sure you review your chosen RV park’s rules and regulations.  

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