RV Park Pismo Beach: Ultimate Camper’s Guide

RV Park Pismo Beach

Are you looking for the best RV Park Pismo Beach has to offer? We’ve got your back. Below, we’ve compiled the most recommended RV Parks for your convenience.

Camping in Pismo Beach

Before we get into the best RV Park Pismo Beach has in its arsenal, let’s first discuss the kind of outdoor excursions you can go on. 

To begin, if you want to get in touch with nature, you can visit Monarch Butterfly Grove, Dinosaur Caves Park, or Margo Dodd Park. On the other hand, if you’re looking for adventure, you can go to the Oceano Pismo Dunes Preserve, where you can go horseback riding, camping, or driving. Additionally, you can also surf, kiteboard, or cave exploring.  Alternatively, if you want to learn more about Pismo Beach history or culture, you could tour Hearst Castle and San Simeon.

Home to more than 20 wineries, you could also go on a wine tasting at the San Luis Obispo Coast Wine Country. There are a plethora of other attractions and activities that you could do in Pismo Beach. As an example, you could go to the Pismo Lake Ecological Reserve, Eldwayen Ocean Park, or Pismo Beach Pier. Bringing your RV and having a home base will come in handy of you really want to explore every nook and cranny of Pismo Beach.

RV Park Pismo Beach

Now that we have that out of the way, we can jump into the best RV Park Pismo Beach has. Specifically, we’ll introduce you to the following RV Parks:

  • Pismo Coast Village RV Resort
  • Holiday RV Park
  • Pismo Sands RV Resort

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

First, Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, which markets itself as paradise on the ocean. At 4-stars, it has a fairly high rating on TripAdvisor. If you love the sound of the sea, the feel of the ocean breeze, and the smell of salt in the air, then you’ll enjoy your stay in this RV resort.

Nestled between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this RV park in Pismo Beach is an ideal getaway. There are several attractions you can explore while in this area. For instance, you can indulge in golf or off road dune tours, or educate yourself in the town’s history by visiting Hearst Castle.

Its amenities include a swimming pool, arcade, laundromat, and bicycle rentals, among others. Regarding the rental rates, it’s dependent on whether your dates are prime time or not. To be specific, non-prime weekdays, that is to say, Sundays to Thursdays, have a rental rate of $54. Meanwhile, non-prime weekends (Fridays to Saturdays) have a rate of $58. Alternatively, prime time dates, which you can check on their website, cost $64 a night. During holidays, the price climbs to $71 a night.

Holiday RV Park

Second, let’s talk about Holiday RV Park. This RV Park in Pismo Beach is a highly rated (4 stars on TripAdvisor) destination that is positioned quite close to the Pacific Ocean. From this location, you can visit the Great American Melodrama, Hearst Castle, and Pacific Dunes Riding Stables. You may also try Sand Highway Motorsports, Surfing, and other Pismo beach activities.

Among its amenities are WiFi, cable TV, a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi, clean restrooms and showers, laundromats, clubhouse, and a small library. Moreover, it has 195 pet-friendly RV sites with full hookups. In terms of its rental rates, back in sites have a price of $70 on prime days and $55 on non-prime days. Meanwhile, pull-through sites cost $140 during prime days and $110 during non-prime days. Prime days do not have a weekly price but non-prime days will cost you $335.

Note that these prices are for a maximum of four people. Any additional person and you’ll have to pay $3. If you want more details on the prime and non-prime days, you can head on to their website.

Pismo Sands RV Resort

Third on our list is the Pismo Sands RV Resort, which has a 3.5 rating TripAdvisor rating. If you want to be at the center of California’s Central Coast, Pismo Sands RV resort is where you should stay. Some of the activities you can engage in include wine country tours, golf, fishing, horseback riding, paragliding, kayaking, nature hikes, and dune adventure tours, among others.

Its amenities include cable TV, WiFi, library, heated pool and jacuzzi, laundromat, bathroom and shower, playground, and a gated entry. Their club has a meeting hall, service bar, and full kitchen. What’s more, this RV park offers 133 sites that can cater motorhomes up to 78 feet long. They offer full hookups with 20, 30, or 50-amp power. Whether you prefer pull-through or back-in sites, Pismo Sands RV resort offers both so you’ll find what you’re looking for. Moreover, these sites are paved and level.

In terms of their rental rates, prices differ in summer and in winter. During the summer, RV sites cost $65 nightly, be it weekend, weekday, or holiday. Alternatively, in the winter season, RV sites cost $63. Should you want your stay to last a month, you can rent a site from October to April for $1000 monthly. Note that each site’s rental fee is for a maximum of four people only. If you wish to add more people, you can do so for $5 per person. That being said, each side has a maximum occupancy of 8 people.

Final Word

Pismo Beach is an ideal destination if you want to enjoy the beach, be close to a town, explore the outdoors, or just relax under the sun. Camping in this area is a great way to get a taste of everything it has to offer. So, are you ready to go on a trip?

The three above are our picks for the best RV Park Pismo Beach has to offer. Do you agree with our selection? On another note, if you’re looking for other campgrounds near beaches, you can check out our article on Holden Beach, North Carolina and Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

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