RV Parks Panama City: Ultimate Camper’s Guide

RV Parks Panama City

If you’ve typed in “ RV Parks Panama City ” onto a search engine, then it lead you to the correct article. Below, we give you a roundup of the best RV Parks Panama City has to offer. Ready to know more?

Camping in Panama City

Before we talk about the best RV Parks Panama City has In its territory, let’s start with what Panama City has to offer RVers. Why should you even consider making this city a destination? Simple. Panama City is a beautiful location that attracts visitors from all over the world all year round. If it isn’t currently in your travel bucket list, then it’s in thousands of people’s.

It’s a dream destination that offers a variety of outdoor activities for any type of camper. Whether you want to explore the wilderness, swim through bodies of water, or just relax under the sun, Panama City has got everything. For example, you can try shipwreck diving or go on a helicopter tour. Alternatively, you can ride a boat in Shell Island and maybe you’ll have an encounter with bottlenose dolphins.

RV Parks Panama City

Now that you’ve got an idea of what lies in Panama City, let’s dive into the the best RV Parks Panama City has waiting for you.

Heritage Oaks RV Park & Marina

First and foremost on our list is Heritage Oaks RV Park & Marina, which has a whopping 5-star average rating on TripAdvisor. If that alone doesn’t convince you to get on your motorhome and head to Panama City, then let us expound on more of its positive attributes.

This RV park is open year-round, so you won’t have to plan your trip around a certain season. What’s more, you can bring your pets with you. Just make sure you don’t let them roam around freely, especially without supervision. Moreover, each of its RV sites is shaded, with a great view of the water. In terms of its hookups, 30 and 50 amp power are available. They also offer WiFi, as well as restroom and shower facilities. For convenience’s sake, each campsite also has a water and dump station.

How much will you have to spend to camp in this RV park? It’s daily, weekly, and monthly rates are $40, $240, and $750, respectively. During holidays, the rate goes up to $50 a night. Be aware that they have a check-in time of 11AM and a check-out time of 10:30AM.

Panama City Beach RV Resort

Of all the RV parks Panama City has to offer, we believe Panama City Beach RV Resort has a leg above the rest. It positions itself as a luxury RV park and has an overall 4-star rating on TripAdvisor, so that tells you something about the quality of experience that it offers.

In terms of its RV sites, you’ll be glad to know that it’s capable of accommodating any size RV. Whether your motorhome is a trailer or a really huge class A, Panama City Beach RV Resort has a place for it. Since the RV Park is a gated premises, you also won’t have to worry much about security.

All of its 69 sites have full hookups for 30 or 50 amp vehicles, including water, electricity, sewer, and cable TV. In addition, they have paved pads with patios so leveling your vehicle will not be a problem. What makes this RV park special is its attention to detail and its customer service orientation. Every Saturday, it offers its guests free breakfast. So, how much will you have to shell out for this luxury RV park? It depends on the season as well as on the type of site you wish to occupy.

During Spring and Summer, the daily and weekly rates for pull-through sites are $94 and $549, respectively. Alternatively, back-in sites are more affordable with $84 daily and $499 weekly rates. For Fall and Winter, the daily, weekly, and monthly rates for pull-through sites are $85, $475, and $1200. Meanwhile, back-in sites are priced at $75 daily, $425 weekly, and $1000 monthly. Take note that these rates are for a maximum of two adults and four children only.

Pineglen Motorcoach & RV Park

The last RV Park in Panama City that we simply have to highlight is Pineglen Motorcoach & RV Park, which has garnered an average rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor mainly due to their friendly environment. This RV Park markets itself as a quiet retreat that’s near white sandy beaches, golf courses, and restaurants.

Among its amenities are climate controlled bath houses and laundry facilities, pull-through sites, stocked fiishing ponds, and a fire ring. Another reason to this RV park is highly rated is because it has pet-friendly policies. What’s more, each site has full hookups for water, sewer, electricity, and TV cable. A maximum of 6 people are allowed to stay in each site.

As with other RV parks, the rental rates are dependent on the season. For this campground, the winter season is from October 1 to February 28 while the summer season lasts from March 1 to September 30. During the winter season, it rental fees are more affordable. For example, nightly, weekly, and monthly rates are $54, $350, and $790, respectively. Alternatively, during summer, the rates climb to $65 nightly, $420 weekly, and $940-$975 monthly. If you plan to stay three months, they have a special rate. From December to February, it will cost you $2200. Meanwhile, from January to March, the rate will be $2400. Unlike most RV parks, the taxes are already included in these rates.


So, which of the RV Parks Panama City has will you head to? You have more than a few options to consider. However, no matter where you go in Panama City, you will not regret it. The endless amount of activities coupled with the picturesque city and rich culture will not disappoint.

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