RV Park on the Beach: Camper’s Guide

RV park on the beach

Staying on an RV park on the beach is ideal if you love the ocean breeze plus the sound of waves. It’s a great way to relax and at the same time get a taste of the outdoors. In this article, we’ll discuss your options for an RV park on the Beach.

Camping on the Beach

There are several possibilities if you’re looking for the perfect RV park on the beach. Depending on your vehicle and the activities you want to pursue, you’ll have a plethora of suggestions from the Internet. Not to worry. To help you narrow them down, we’ve come up with a list of beach front RV parks, from which you can choose your next camping destination.

Best RV Park on the Beach

Below, we have a few suggestions on the Best RV Park on the beach. Check them out to see if they’re a good fit for you.  

Red Coconut RV Park

One highly recommended RV park on the beach is Red Coconut. Averaging 4 stars on TripAdvisor, this campground is notable for its picturesque views and proximity to everything in the Gulf of Mexico. Truly, it’s the perfect spot for beachfront camping.

Moreover, this RV park has 60 RV sites with full hookups. It has electric, water, sewer, and WiFi along with a bath house and laundry facility. The concrete patio and picnic table included in each campsite also comes in handy for get togethers.

It’s daily, weekly, and monthly rates during the summer and winter season vary, with the prices for winter occupancy generally higher. Apart from the season, the general area of your chosen campsite will also affect how much you’ll have to pay.

That being said, daily rates for summer and winter range from $72 – $114 and $89 – $125, while weekly rates run the gamut from $466 – $725 and $571 – $796, respectively. On the other hand, summer and winter monthly rates range from $1819 – $2542 and $2221 – $2568.

Grayton Beach State Park

Another highly rated RV park on the beach is Grayton Beach State Park, which has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor. This RV Park spans 2000 acres, and its white beaches by the Gulf of Mexico has consistently been recognized as one of the country’s most beautiful. Besides the beautiful beach, this campground will let you enjoy fishing, paddling, trail exploration, and many other outdoor activities.

This RV park has several back-in or pull through pet-friendly sites for RVs or trailers with lengths of 20-40 ft. All of the RV sites have hookups for water, electricity, and sewer. Check-in time is usually at 3 PM while check-out is at 1:00 PM.

The price for staying in this campground depends on the duration and dates.  However, nightly rates average at $30 while weekly rates are normally around $200. To get a better gauge of the budget you will need, you’ll have to go on their website and reserve a site.

Sandy Neck Beach Park

Sandy Neck Beach Park is a 4-star campground according to TripAdvisor. Located in Cape Cod, this RV park will surely provide you with an unforgettably relaxing camping trip. It’s has a rich landscape rife for exploring on foot or on bike. They have a detailed nature trail so you can explore the beach, dunes, and marshes. In addition, you could go horse riding, fishing, or just relax by a camp fire.

This RV park on the beach allows off-road vehicle (OVR) camping on the beach front, as long as you acquire a permit beforehand. Before you do this, make sure you read the ORV camping regulations so as not to get in trouble.

All that being said, nightly rates range from $5 – $20, depending on the type of vehicle and whether you are a resident or not. On top of the nighty fee, you’ll have to obtain either an annual or seasonal ORV permit. Annual permits range from $25 – $180 while seasonal permits range from $10 – $60. Note that this RV park only accepts cash or check as payment. You cannot use your credit card.

On the Beach RV Park

Having a 4 star rating on TripAdvisor, On the Beach RV Park definitely deserves your attention. This campground is touted for its proximity to the beaches of Mustang Island. To illustrate just how close this RV park is to the beach, their tagline is “When you visit the coast, why not stay on the coast.”

This RV park on the beach located in Port Aransas, Texas, will let you have an enjoyable camping experience, especially if you love to spend time under the sun, birdwatching, fishing, surfing, kayaking, and other activities. Also, you shouldn’t let the season stop you from staying in this park. During winter, they organize get-togethers with other campers such as mixers and dinners, as well as movie nights.

Regarding their rates, it depends on the season, number of persons in your party, and size of your motorhome. To be specific, we’ve summarized their rates below:

December 1 to March 14

Daily: $53 – $75
Weekly: $265 – $380
Monthly: $575 – $750

March 15 – September 2

Daily: $60 – $105
Weekly: $375 – $525
Monthly: $750 – $1000

September 3 to November 30

Daily: $53 – $75
Weekly: $265 – $380
Monthly: $575 – $750

Note that these rates include cable TV and WiFi connection. Moreover, it’s applicable to two persons only. You are allowed to have two vehicles: your RV and one additional vehicle. There are additional charges for pets, late check-out, and guest parking.


Above, we presented not just one RV park on the beach that you could drive to and set up camp in. The four highly rated options we discussed are great locations if your primary camping activities will involve the ocean. That being said, other aspects of the town, such as their culture, history, and local cuisine, are also easily accessible.

For this reason, we encourage you to go on their websites, explore what they have to offer more in depth, and then book a reservation. Alternatively, for other camping sites near beaches, check out our article on Campgrounds near Hampton Beach, New Hampshire or in Holden Beach, North Carolina.

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