Biggest RVs in the World that will blow your mind

biggest RVs in the world

The biggest RVs in the world usually have a hefty price tag attached to them. They comprise of luxury motorhomes that have everything from very spacious living spaces, pop-up second floors, and even a rooftop patio or deck.

Below, we list a few of the biggest RVs in the world, in no particular order, that have cropped up over the years.

Anderson Mobile Estates

We have to start this list off with Anderson Mobile Estates’ luxury trailers. You might have heard of it back in 2011, when Will Smith’s own vehicle, called The Heat, caused a ruckus in New York while he was filming for Men in Black III.

Anderson Mobile Estates develops expanding two-story mobile trailers fit for people with the finest tastes, and with wallets to match. With a full-size tractor trailer as a base, they design mobile homes larger than life. It has a retractable second floor, weighs around 40 tons, and is maybe 75-feet long. This gives it a total area of about 1,200 square feet, give or take.

Its amenities include a conference room, lounging area, guest room, video surveillance, full-size kitchen, panoramic windows, and multiple big screen TVs. In addition, there’s an optional third floor, which would serve as a rooftop deck. Of course, these features are all customizable. Other features added by some people include a gym, movie theater, and recording studio.

Can you guess its estimated price? Around $2.5 million.

eleMMent Palazzo Superior

Next is the element Palazzo Superior luxury RV. This mobile home is truly unique. Its striking appearance is a result of integrating motor sports, aviation, and yachting features. For example, the windshield of its cockpit took inspiration from helicopters.

One of its main features is a Sky Lounge with retractable railings, lounge furniture, and a sunshade. Inside the behemoth of an RV exists an air conditioning system, radiant floor heating, a spacious couch (12-feet long), bar, wine cabinet, ice maker, and large TV screen.

The efficient use of space is another key point to the Palazzo’s interior, in addition to the king-sized bed, spacious lounge, kitchenette, and spa area with a rainfall shower. All of these elements cohesively make for an exceptional travel experience.

Indeed, Marchi Mobile, the builder, paid close attention to its design, making sure every feature radiated luxury. Without a doubt, hanging out and sleeping inside the eleMMent Palazzo Superior will surely be a comfortable experience.

Living up to its name Palazzo, which means Palace, it’s price is estimated to be about $3 million.

CAMI Terra Wind

Is it an RV or a boat? It’s both! The CAMI Terra Wind is an amphibious mobile home that solves the problem – if you have it – of choosing between a luxury vehicle or a yacht.

According to their website, the Terra Wind can run speeds of up to 80 miles per hour on land, and 7 knots on water. We bet the primary question on your minds right now is, “how can it float on water?” Well, it has two propellers that functions when its marine transmission is engaged.

If the Palazzo’s design drew heavily from a helicopter’s cockpit, the dash of the Terra Wind – containing instrument gauges and system controls – has a likeness to that of an airplane. Similar to most luxury RVs, its interior design, floor plan, and entertainment system can be customized so long as it will not inversely affect the mobile home’s ability to navigate on water.

Some designs incorporate a large flat screen TV and a jacuzzi/shower combo. Additionally, at the rear of the Terra Wind, a dive board can be installed. At the same time, the roof can function as a sun deck. Evidently, the features chosen will carry over to the total cost of the vehicle.

Compared to the first two RVs we mentioned, the Terra Wind is markedly less expensive at $1.2 million. If you have the extra money lying around and you’re looking to own a luxury RV, then perhaps this could be an option for you. Considering it has dual functions, isn’t that a steal?

Volkner Mobil Performance S

Winding down our list is the Volkner Mobil Performance S. The key feature that sets this luxury motorhome apart from others is an integrated garage that can fit a sports car. It has a simple and sleek design that at first, might make you think it’s nothing special. However, don’t let its outside appearance fool you.

Although the Performance S unassumingly looks like a bus, the inside is stunning and comparable to a 5-star hotel. As with other RVs we’ve mentioned in this article, this model can also be personalized. In like fashion to the eleMMent Palazzo Superior, a heating system such as in-floor radiant hearing can be installed. On another note, the entertainment system can comprise of as many and as large of a flat screen TV possible, as well as sound systems of the highest quality.

What else does its interior offer? Being a luxury RV, it prioritizes comfort without sacrificing style. This is evident in the interior of the Performance S, which has a double bed, full kitchen, comfortable lounge, and spacious bathroom. If you happen to have $1.8 million dollars to spare, you could probably afford one.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the biggest RVs in the world are often synonymous with luxury RVs. They contain a vast range of amenities open to customization. Comfort, style, and functionality are of utmost priority in their designs.

In this article, we mentioned four of the biggest RVs in the world, namely Anderson Mobile Estates, eleMMent Palazzo Superior, CAMI Terra Wind, and Volkner Mobil Performance S.

Certainly, these luxury RVs are a marvel. For most of us, we can only dream of what it would be like to live in them. That being said, there’s no need to break the bank if you want comfortable RV living. Your dream mobile home need not be a hulking vehicle with tons of non-necessities.

There are many affordable options, of which you can also customize to your liking. In fact, we’ve have a few articles on DIY campers, campervan conversions, and other conversion guides. Check them out!

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