Pop Up Camper with Slide Out – Is it worth buying?

Pop Up Camper with Slide Out

Let’s just say that you already had a planned in buying a pop-up camper, but wants to see if it offers more space. Considering that you have lots of stuff needed for a camp, you may also want to consider having a pop up camper with slide out.  I’ll be writing down here the pros and cons and how the quality of the pop-up camper and its features. So read on!

What is Pop Up Camper with Slide Out?

Pop up camper with slide out is a section of your camper which you can slide out to expand the interior. The roof and the walls are made of canvas that they called a “pop-up” style. Other styles of slide-outs have aluminum walls, fiberglass or other materials that is being used in camper and RV Construction.

Number One Rule: Determine How Much Camper Can Your Vehicle Tow?

Always remember this before choosing and purchasing campers. Your vehicle’s tow rating can be found in your owner’s manual. Never rely on any answers on a forum or social media group and better to ask a professional where you purchased your vehicle.

Also, be mindful of extra weight capacity aside from your camper and make sure your vehicle can handle the camper, the extra weight of your things and also your passengers.

The PROS and CONS of a Pop-up Camper with Slide-out


  • Flexibility – If you needed to park in a narrow space, worry no more since you can collapse them till you can park in a wider lot.
  • Adds more room and functions – You can have a lot of space in your camper together with its functions. Examples of this are kitchen, dining area and more sleeping space.


  • Leaks can be an issue especially in purchasing a used pop-up camper with slide-out
  • Price increased having a slide-out in purchasing a pop-up camper
  • The maintenance
  • Damaged canvas

What should I consider when buying a used pop-up camper with slide-out?

If you’re on a tight budget, you have to consider the following while buying a used-pop-up camper with slide-out. Tests everything out yourself as there are some things that even the owner is unaware of some items that are needed to be addressed.

If you’re new to this, the best way is to take a friend or a professional one who camps a lot so he/she can guide you aside from the seller. And start purchasing a used pop-camper with slide-out as you’ll find the best deals and price increased once the camping season is over. Fall and winter are the best seasons to shop for a camper.  Remember the pros and cons of buying a used one. And also consider the cost if you’ll be reconstructing it.

The tight seal around the lip of the slide-out

Slides-out is one of the most vulnerable parts of a camper that can also develop leaks over time. You should always notice before buying a used pop-up camper with slide-out that it has a tight and high quality made of the rubber seal around the slide-out lip. An old seal will not last for a long time, so be mindful when choosing a used pop-up camper with slide-out.

Reinforced Frame

Avoid those frame slide-outs who have developed rust. Since slide-outs are heavy, this can weaken the structure especially when they are extended since it exerts huge force on the camper. So considered a reinforce frame when you’re buying a used-pop up camper with slide-out and considered the frame having a sound condition.

A Manual Crank

In this generation, everything is motor-made. But there are times wherein you wouldn’t be able to use an electric motor to power up. And motors can also fail in due-time. So it’s the best to consider to shop for a camper in which comes with a manual crank for a back-up.


Stabilizers aren’t included when purchasing a pop-up camper with slide-out. Unless it is a used one, stabilizers may be included on some. You have a lot of things to consider in buying stabilizers such as the downside of it and the support. Stabilizers can help support the heavy weight of the slide-out since stabilizers can reduce that.

The downside of it is that stabilizers can put too much pressure on the slide-outs which results in cracking, dents and warping. Using stabilizers can be your option and it’s up to you if you will purchase it or not, depending on your needs. The pros and cons are already stated.

If you do decide on using a stabilizer, then I would recommend getting the best stabilizer – X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer.

How am I able to maintain the slide-out maintenance?

Check on the status of your slide-out seals more often. If it starts to turn brittle, apply a seal protectant to ease it. Gaps are also forming so you have to seal it quickly before things get worse. Always remember to maintain the top, bottom, and side seals.

You will also need to lubricate your slide-outs so it can move quick, smooth and easy. Apply a proper lubricant made for your slide-outs especially when the camping season begins, and you can extend and reapply it on the slide-outs for a few times. And you’re good to go.

If the alignment of the slide-out starts to be out of place, you may need to call a professional for assistance. Don’t just try to do it on your own as it may get critical if you do an experiment without any professional for assistance since some of the alignment problems can’t be seen to the eye.


There’s a lot to consider in buying a used pop-up camper with slide out. If you have a budget, you can always buy a brand new one. But then, think about the pros and cons especially the maintenance that you will be encountering and how will you be able to take good care of it once it gets broken.

Always pick a great condition camper even if it’s used. Do a canvas first and list down everything that you had on your mind before purchasing it.

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