Best Hot Springs in Florida: Where you should go

best hot springs in Florida

Curious about the best hot springs in Florida? Keep reading. This article will cover everything you need to know. We’ll discuss the benefits of hot springs in conjunction with the best you can find in the state of Florida, in case it’s the next target location for a camping trip.

Hot Spring Benefits

If you’ve ever been to a hot spring before, then you’ve felt its rejuvenating effects. If you’ve yet to take a soak in one, then you’re seriously missing out. Aside from a relaxing experience, what else will a hot spring bring you? A ton of health benefits, that’s what.

Specifically, taking a dip in a hot spring can improve blood circulation and sleep quality. It will also take care of stress, muscle pain, and skin problems, among others. You can joy the experience by your lonesome or with a group. Either way, bathing in a hot spring will leave you feeling refreshed.

Relating this to the RVers, if you’ve been camping or have spent an extended amount of time in the road, perhaps you should stop by a hot spring. Stretch out your muscles and get rid of back or shoulder pain.

Best Hot Springs in Florida

Florida is an RV haven but a hot spring hub it is not. Truthfully, Florida isn’t really known for its hot springs. There’s really only one natural hot spring – Warm Mineral Springs in North Port, Florida – that can qualify for the list of best hot springs in Florida.

That being said, the state has several natural freshwater springs such as Alexander Springs, Jumper Springs, and Wekiwa Springs. Many people flock to these areas in order to cool off from the warm Florida weather.

But let’s go back to the lone and therefore best hot spring in Florida. There is much to learn about Warm Mineral Springs.

Warm Mineral Springs

Although Warm Mineral Springs is the best hot spring in Florida by default, there are several more interesting reasons you should drop by it.

Archaeological Site

Mainly, Warm Mineral Springs is an important archaeological site. Formerly a primeval cave, it conceals a rich history. In fact, researchers and divers uncovered prehistoric remains of humans, mammoths, saber tooth tigers, and camels since the middle to 90s.

Largest in the World

Nowadays, it’s a sinkhole with a near constant temperature of 87 Fahrenheit. According to Florida Springs, the spring dispenses almost 10 gallons of warm water every day, which refills the pool roughly every two hours. To illustrate just how much that is, know that Warm Mineral Springs has a circumference of 1.4 acres. Moreover, at its center, depths can reach up to 250 feet. If you still can’t grasp how large it is, just know that it has the distinction of being the largest mineral spring in the world.

Health Spa

At present time, Warm Springs is also seen as a health spa. Apart from the hot spring, they offer other spa services such as massages – swedish/signature, deep tissue, hot stone, and reflexology.

Entrance Fees

Depending on your residency and age, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee. Resident adults aged 18 and older as well as resident students aged 6-17 state need to pay $15 and $11.25, respectively. Alternatively, for non-residents, entrance will cost them $20 and $15, respectively. Meanwhile, children aged 5 and below, resident or not, need not pay anything.

RV Parks near the Best Hot Spring in Florida

As mentioned earlier, hot springs are a great way for RVers to get rid of the kinks in their muscles. Since on-site camping is not allowed in Warm Mineral Springs, you’d have to find nearby campgrounds. Not to worry, there are more than a few to choose from.

Rambler’s Rest RV Resort

Ramblers Rest RV Resort is open all year round. It’s a family-friendly campground that’s situated near the Myakka River. Whether you’re looking for peace and relaxation or excitement and thrill, Ramblers Rest has much to offer.

For one thing, their amenities include a clubhouse, fitness center, picnic/barbecue area, game room, playground, library, and dog park. Catering to the active folk, swimming, fishing, shuffleboard, and volleyball is available. Should you want to venture outside the RV resort, you’ll have no problem finding places to explore because it’s close to Sarasota and the Gulf of Mexico.

TripAdvisor give this RV resort an average rating of 4 stars. According to guests, this is due to the friendly and peaceful environment, clean facilities, and convenient location. Their rates are not posted publicly on their website, so you’d have to call or email to get an idea. This RV resort is about 8 miles from Warm Mineral Springs. It should take you less than 20 minutes to get there.

Myakka River RV Resort

Not to be confused with the Myakka River Motorcoach Resort, the Myakka River RV Resort is a laidback campground that might be up your alley if you prefer a tranquil camping trip. You can explore nearby beaches, entertainment offerings, and the local cuisine.

Myakka River RV Resort is right next door to the National Park. This means you can easily go hiking, biking, kayaking, or canoeing. If you’d rather spend your time within the resort, they have a clubhouse, pool area, and picnic island. In addition, you can also go bird watching, swimming, and fishing.

Their campsites have full hook-ups capable of catering to the largest of RVs. In selecting a campsite, you can choose between a river front or preserve font. Both 30- and 50-amp service will be available. Other amenities offered by this RV resort include patio slabs, picnic tables, and high speed WiFi. If you’re willing to pay a fee, you also get access to a cable TV.

On TripAdvisor, this RV resort has not gained a ton of reviews yet. Currently, from 3 previous guests, the average is 3.5 stars. Notably, even if Myakka River RV Resort is relatively small, the management was commended for their welcoming nature. Similarly, the well-kept facilities and proximity to other local attractions was commended.

Warm Mineral Springs is less than five minutes away from this campground.

In Summary

The next time you find yourself in the Sunshine State of USA, park your recreational vehicle somewhere near Warm Mineral Springs so that you can take a soak in the hot spring. It’ll get rid of the sheer exhaustion borne out of a long road trip, and give you a renewed sense of adventure for the next destination on the horizon.

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