Pop Up Camper Weight And Its Comparison

Pop Up Camper Weight

Considering some people who are having a rough time camping because of them getting cramps while staying at a tent, a pop-up camper can be a solution to their problems. A pop-up camper is a type of recreational vehicle that is consists of different varieties of interior space for easy storage and transport. It can be collapsed down into much smaller and portable canvas construction depending on its size.

How can a camper weight affect my travel?

An average pop up camper weight is around 1500-3000 pounds without any add-ons such as liquids, passengers and other cargo needed. In such cases, you will need to add additional kilos of weight. Before hitting the road, you may want to consider how your vehicle can tow your camper because it might affect your travel. You can actually see it on your manual or contact the company where you purchased it.

How about its size? Does it matter?

The capacity of pop up campers depends on different factors such as the vehicle type, the number of loads and the cargo needs. A small unit can be comfortable for two people. There are also pop-up campers available to be towed by a motorcycle for a single person.

Small Pop-Up Camper

The amenities for small campers on a regular vehicle offers bed with an RV mattress, a smaller space for amenities, and bigger storage space; keeping a low pop up camper weight from 600 to 1000 pounds.

An example of the small pop-up camper will be SylvanSport GO – a lightweight camper trailer that weighs 840 pounds, ideal for those who are eco-friendly campers. It has a pop tent that can accommodate two people in a self-inflating mattress.

Medium Pop-Up Camper

Medium-sized pop-up campers are popular, especially in the United States. The space needed will depend on the client’s needs. It weighs around 1000-1500 pounds. An example of this will be the Forest River Flagstaff E-PRO 12RK which average pop up camper weight of 1,164 pounds, RV Length of 12 feet and can accommodate 2 people.

Large Pop-Up Camper

A large pop-up camper has a lot of accommodations and amenities offered.  Examples are: Two permanent beds, two temporary beds, a kitchen sink with running water, refrigerator and gas stoves, weighs around 2000 to 3000 pounds. An example of this will be Forest River Flagstaff SE 207SE which average pop-up weight of 2,076 pounds, RV Length of 10 feet and can accommodate six people.

What about the tongue weight?

A tongue-weight is the amount of force that is placed on the tow hitch. Too much weight can affect the steering of the tow vehicle while too little amount of weight can cause damage as well. Always remember to add the weight of your goods that you will take, adding the dry weight of the trailer and make it balance for the tongue-weight.

Average tongue-weight is listed down below:

  • 60 to 150 pounds for small
  • 100 to 225 pounds for a medium
  • 200 to 450 pounds for large

How about my vehicular safety while having a pop-up camper?

You need to check on your vehicle and its towing capacity. Always consider looking at its brakes or it is capable of the brakes to be installed so it will be able to handle the required trailer that you are considering to get. Contact your local manufacturer where you purchase your vehicle to know more information and the required load and brakes that are needed to install just in case you had already chosen a required pop up camper weight basing on your car’s capacity.

It is better to check on your safety before going to the campground, as we don’t want to compromise everyone’s life on this trip. Please do not maxed-out your vehicle’s towing rating. Because if you do, it will cause you serious damage not just your engine, but also your transmission.

Average cargo carrying capacities for small, medium, and large pop-up campers:

  • 150 to 300 pounds for small
  • 301 to 550 pounds for medium
  • 556 + pounds for large

Some small cars are not fit to tow anything that doesn’t fit into its cab so again, always check your vehicle towing capacity in your manual.

Are there any Pros and Cons in getting a Pop-up camper?

If you are a new camper, you have to know how much the cost of the pop-up camper. Depending on your capacity, size, and accommodation, one can purchase it for less than $10,000 to $15,000. You can also purchase a used camper depending on your budget and your needs. Both options can be considered as less expensive. But if it still doesn’t fit your obtained budget, then you have an option to rent a camper from Outdoorsy.

The Pros are:

  • Easy to store
  • Cost-Effective (especially if you’re planning to make a monthly cap. It’s much more efficient than renting a camper.)
  • Can have RV air-condition and Heat Stove
  • Bathroom, Shower, and Sink
  • Lightweight that fits in your vehicle towing rate

The Cons are:

  • Can hear noises outside
  • For used-camper: You have to consider doing a repair and maintenance, making sure it is still on your budget
  • Needs to pack fan-heater if it has no air-conditioned installed
  • Made of Canvas material so it gets brittle
  • It doesn’t keep out dampness when it rains
  • Tight in space

So in conclusion, pop up campers are the best solution for those who are in budget and looking for a travel trailer. It offers a large variety and amenities depending on the people’s needs who are currently eyeing for a camp.

So there you have it, list out your budget and your needs and consider taking your family into a camping trip. Experience interacting with nature while being comfortable on your camping trip.

Hope this guide helps!

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