Best RVs to live in: Considerations and Examples

best RVs to live in

The best RVs to live in come in different shapes and sizes. You need to consider several criteria based on your situation. In this article, we list a few of the best RVs to live in, in terms of comfort, size, and maneuverability.

Full-time RVing

Year after year, the number of people who find living in an RV as an attractive prospect increases. As a matter of fact, the Washington Post reports that around 1 million Americans choose to have RVs as their primary residence.

Now, we know that full-time RV living isn’t for everyone. But for those who are interested in the lifestyle, you might be wondering about the best RVs to live in. Truthfully, it depends.

To begin finding your optimum RV, answer this question: Why are you planning to uproot your life and basically become a nomad? If your answer is you want to reduce your expenses, then the best motorhome would be one that won’t cost an arm and a leg. You should be able to comfortably afford purchase, upkeep, and operating costs.

Similarly, if your reason for full-tome RVing is you want to travel cross-country, then you best get an RV that can handle various terrain and weather conditions. Moreover, if you will not be travelling alone, the RV that would be most fitting is on that can fit everyone in your group.

So you see, the best RVs to live in depends largely on your lifestyle, unless you’re simply looking for luxury RVs to live in. We have a dedicated article on considerations you have to think about for full time RV living.  Below, we’ll give examples of highly rated RVs that exhibit different strengths.

Best RVs to live in

The best RVs to live in that you’ll see below are listed in no particular order. They just aim to demonstrate the range of RVs that could be a match for your lifestyle. That is to say, RVs from a variety of categories will be shown.

Winnebago Revel

First on the list is the Winnebago Revel series. It offers a perfect balance between travel comfort and adventure. If you love going on outdoor excursions, then this 4×4 might hold more than a little merit. Its design prioritizes functionality. To this end, it has great off-road capabilities. The latest version, the 44E, even allows it to go off the grid for a while and is comfortable to live in 4 seasons of the year.

Although this RV is compact and lightweight, the interiors nothing to scoff about. The 49” x 79” power lift bed is central to its floor plan. The galley, refrigerator, bath, gear closet, and cassette-style toilet is designed around it. Other key features include solar power system, hydronic heating, and hot water. The designers took efficient use of space to a new level, with the dinette having a pull-up table that can also be used as additional sleeping space.

All of these features, for less than $170,000. Of course, keep in mind that this estimate does not include taxes.

eleMMent Palazzo Superior

Second on the list is one we’ve already discussed, so let’s keep this brief. The eleMMent Palazzo Superior is luxury of all luxury RVs. Quite unique in its appearance, this behemoth has earned the moniker, land yacht.

It has a roomy interior, complete with a top-class air conditioning system, 4-meter couch, open kitchenette, large TV screen, and king size bed. Aside from its overall appearance, perhaps one of its most unique features is the Sky Lounge, a roof deck canopy.  

For the reasons above, we think the eleMMent Palazzo Superior is the best RV to live in, in terms of comfort and available amenities. It’ll surely make for a comfortable home on the road. So, if you have the money to spare, about $3 million of it, then why not?

Keystone Montana

Third on our list is the Keystone Montana. We had to include a reliable fifth wheel in this list and Keystone Montana is just that. If you’re not in the market for a Class A, then a fifth wheel is your next closest bet.

We consider it as one of the best RVs to live in because of its four-season living package, which means you don’t have to cut your trip short or suddenly change location when the cold season rolls around.

What’s more, you can customize the floor plan and handpick the features you wish to incorporate in its interiors. To name a few, this can include a king size bed, HD TVs, refrigerator, and a fireplace. Additionally, a master bath that has a double sink, bathtub, and a roomy shower with a sink, sweetens the deal.

Airstream Classic

Last, but certainly not the least is the Airstream Classic. This travel trailer certainly brings with it some nostalgia as it may evoke images from the 1930s. Don’t let outward appearances fool you. It may look old and dated on the outside, but the Airstream Classic’s interiors can be modern and elegant. It even has smart control technology, which enables you to monitor and control the features of your RV, such as lights, awning, and air conditioner.

They are built to last a lifetime and are perfect for full-time RVing. Can you customize it? Well, you can choose from 4 floor plans. The insides of the Airstream are spacious, with clear separation among designated areas – bathroom, bedroom, cooking, dining, and lounging. It can even sleep up to 5 people.

That being said, you certainly won’t have the chance to feel claustrophobic in this RV. Other features such as the heated bathroom, handcrafted cabinetry, large projection TV screen, and high-quality leather seating really complete its homey vibe.

All in all, the Airstream is a solid choice for an RV residence. It has the track record to back up its claims as one of the best RVs to live in.


This wraps up our list of best RVs to live in. Hopefully, you got a clearer idea of the type of motorhome fit for your lifestyle. Leave a reply and let us know if you agree with our selection, or if there are others you would like to add!

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