Tall Enclosed Trailer – A good start for your DIY camper

Tall Enclosed Trailer

Have you heard about a tall enclosed trailer being DIY-ed and turns out to be a great fifth wheel whenever they go on camp? If you’re planning to purchase or you had already purchased, then you might want to read this article as we’re going to discuss it.

What is a tall enclosed trailer?

A tall enclosed trailer is a basic trailer that is about 7 or 8 feet tall. It is usually made of aluminum which is expensive than steel. Of course, campers’ preferred lighter trailers, but the downside is it has a thinner built, which is not ideal especially considering the noise outside and the weather conditions you will face in the outdoor. It’s an empty and basic trailer and all you have to do is to show up your skills and make a DIY on it.

Why should I purchase a tall enclosed trailer?

Buying a tall-enclosed trailer allows you to have complete access over everything; from the designs, pieces of furniture, modifying proper insulations, electric components, everything that has currently run through your mind.  You know I’m not the only one who feels a great satisfaction once my ideas come into reality when it gets done, right?

The cost of a regular trailer is around $2500 to $4000. Such trailer will usually comes with RV side door, 15-inch tires and a ramp.

If you’re going to replace the regular door such as on an RV, it is also recommended to use push-out windows. Since most of the time, you will be spending your time cooking inside the trailer than outside. Also for generator, you can also have solar panels with battery pack for the burners, air-condition and refrigerator. A composite toilet is also an ideal one as long as your water supply can last. These are some ideas if you usually lack the creativity to do a DIY trailer.

How am I able to do a DIY on it if it’s made of aluminum?

Do not fret; you can customize a tall enclosed trailer by installing thick insulation on the walls as you start to convert your empty trailer. A decent insulation sheet on Amazon is very affordable. You can also put roofs, windows and any other ideas that you have in your mind. Tall-enclosed trailer is definitely customizable depending on your needs and your budget.

Pros and Cons in getting a tall-enclosed trailer

Some pros are already discussed above. I may also add that you should know how electricals workaround when you start your DIY on the trailer. Ask help if you don’t. A RV campground owner usually notice and doesn’t allow camp-goers who has a lot of weird electrics rolling over their camp trailer. So safety first!

Hire an RV mechanic or your local laborer worker that has knowledge in electrical installation. About the plumbing, you may also address it by hiring as well. And be mindful about your windows, all windows should be push out from the inside. Add a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide monitor . We wouldn’t want to kick you back at home, right?

More Cost Savvy

For the cost, buying a tall-enclosed trailer is much more cost-effective than buying an RV or a motorhome. Why? Aside from it costs around ten-thousand dollars or even more. Think about the ideas and the space that you can have in customizing your empty trailers than spending thousands of bucks buying an RV or a motorhome.  Small camping trailers and a tall-enclosed trailer are almost similar in price and much bigger than a camping trailer.

Very Customizable

And to add more, always think about your main convenience in installing and placing it on your empty trailer. We wouldn’t like to exaggerate and place inconvenient things that may affect the space and also the budget.

Just for an example: A brand-new tall enclosed trailer packed with DIY-made starting price costs around $7000 and up. Depending on how it was done together with the camper’s ideas. It may cost more or less.

People might find it a bit expensive due to the cost of things, laborers for the DIY. But you know there’s always a great deal out of it for those who have an idea on where else can they purchase it.


  • Customize/DIY
  • No additional height modification
  • Can be converted into tiny houses with roofs
  • Can thicken the aluminum trailers by adding insulation
  • Can switch to bigger wheels to increase the trailer’s clearance
  • Can do modification in designs
  • Cost-effective


  • Too huge for some people
  • Some campgrounds don’t allow camp trailers
  • Bulky exterior
  • Taking more campgrounds space
  • Some campers preferred lighter and taking too huge space on campgrounds when it comes to camping


Tall-enclosed trailer is made for those people who love making their incredible ideas into reality by making a DIY out of it. Since it is like an empty canvass, your creativity and knowledge in turning out an empty trailer into a conventional trailer wherein you won’t be able to worry things since it’s going to be your second home while you’re on camp. It has a big space where you can get and manage your storage, your bed and not worrying about the weather especially when it’s hot or cold.

This enclosed trailer got your back as long as you have properly installed the things that you needed with precaution. It is much cheaper than buying the ones that have been created. In my case, having a spacious trailer is what I preferred.

Now that you have an idea and you will want to purchase it, go on! Continue your journey. And may you have great camping once it has been done. Take your friends or your family with you and start your camping journey and make new memories. Enjoy!

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