Campground in Gulf Shores Alabama: Rundown of the Best

Campground in Gulf Shores Alabama

Go find a campground in Gulf Shores, Alabama and mark it as your next destination. Trust us, you will not regret it. Known as a resort city, Gulf Shores’ white beaches and warm waters make for a perfect retreat.

Whether you’re a laidback camper or someone who lives for the rush, this place will give you plenty of options. Specifically, the food, water activities, extreme sports, and other tourist attractions, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.

For this reason, we suggest you start packing for this camping trip. But first, read our article on the best campground in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Best Campground in Gulf Shores, Alabama

There are several places you can go RVing. If you plan to rent an RV, click on this article for some tips. On the other hand, if you’d like some campground suggestions, continue reading.

We can’t give you a single recommendation, as each campground has its merits. Instead, we’re going to present a rundown of a few campground’s features. In particular, the following campgrounds will be discussed:

  • Gulf State Park;
  • Southport Campground; and
  • Island Retreat RV Park.

Gulf State Park

Look no further than Gulf State Park. If you’re on the hunt for a campground that offers a ton of activities, this is the place to go. Moreover, it’s right by the beach so you can go on a relaxing walk after a day of adventure.

Some of the activities this campground offers includes hiking, biking, fishing, exploring, and paddling. In addition, you can also go parasailing and kayaking. Worth mentioning is their sizeable pool that is perfect for those who’d like to swim without the sand getting in between their toes. They also have bike trails just itching for exploration. In fact, it intersects with the Branyon Backcountry Trail System.

Although there are quite a number of campgrounds – almost 500 available, Gulf State Park is a popular location especially during peak seasons. With this in mind, you can reserve a campground online. Keep in mind that the campsites available online can only be booked for a maximum of 2 weeks.

If you’re planning to stay longer, i.e., a month or more, you can do so from November to March. However, you have to do the reservation by calling in, if not in person. The numbers to contact them are: (800) 252-7275 or (251) 948-7275.  

It has an average of 4.7 stars on Google reviews, which can be attributed to their group friendly and handicap accessible characteristics. The well-kept facilities, educational activities, value for cost, and pet-friendly environment also contributed.

Southport Campground

Another campground on our list is Southport Campground, which positions itself as a great year-round vacation spot. Whether it’s summer or winter, you’ll find something to do. Apart from beach and water activities, Southport is near various arts and cultural as well as ecological and historical attractions. Surely, this campground will not leave you bored.

The rates for renting a campground differs for full hook-ups and partial hook-ups. They also depend on the size and power of your RV. For full hook-ups, the rate for 30-amp vehicles less than 30 feet vis-à-vis 50-amp RVs more than 30 feet long are as follows:

Daily: $30 / $35

Weekly: $200 / $230

Monthly (October-March): $425 / $465

Monthly (April-September): $525 / 565

Meanwhile, if you’re only looking for partial hook-ups, the daily and weekly rates for 30 amp and shorter than 30 feet; and 50 amp and longer than 30 feet are below, respectively:

Daily: $25 / $28

Weekly: $150 / $165

You can make a reservation with their online form.

Wondering about its reviews? Google gives it an average of 4.0 stars, owing to its proximity to the Intercoastal Waterway and excellent service. That being said, there are a few cons to staying in this campground. First, it’s not pet friendly. Second, some campgrounds are located near a bridge, which means you’d hear the sound of traffic a lot. Other than that, this is a good location.  

Island Retreat RV Park

Island Retreat RV Park caters to everyone all year round. Living up to its name, staying here will feel like you escaped to an island paradise. The location is surrounded by trees, giving you the illusion that you’re isolated from the rest of the world, but in a good way!

You’ll have the time and space away from all the stressors of your life. Nevertheless, Island Retreat is not far from attractions. If you want to explore the food and culture of Gulf Shores, restaurants and other attractions are only minutes away.

Their campgrounds are capable of accommodating 30- or 50-amp RVs of various sizes. You can choose between a back-in or pull-through site, depending on the needs of your vehicle. The nightly, weekly, and monthly prices for back-in and pull-through sites, in that order, are below:

Nightly: $50 / $55

Weekly: $285 / $315

Monthly: $749 / $825

While they are open all year, the activities you can partake in vary depending on the season. During winter, you can socialize with other campers through organized activities like bingo, yoga, poker, and jam sessions, among others. Conversely, summer means you can enjoy campfires, pool activities, fishing, and other water sports.

Overall, Island retreat has pretty good ratings, with an average of 4.2 stars on Google reviews. Previous campers rave about the well-maintained sites, welcoming staff, and value for money.

Which Campground to visit?

No matter where you choose to go, one thing’s for sure. You’ll have a plethora of outdoor excursions to choose from. Apart from water activities, there are local attractions such as the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, which hosts more than 500 animals, and the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail. Any of the campgrounds above will give you easy access.

Take note that as with many campgrounds, tax is not included in their advertised rates. Make sure to inquire about that, as well as other additional fees you might need to pay for. Just in case something comes up, also ask them about their refund and cancellation policy.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to any campground in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

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