Enclosed trailer with AC – Is it right for you?

Enclosed trailer with AC

Having an enclosed trailer with air-condition made you feel like you’re having a luxurious trip during your camp. The comfortable feeling that you may get especially when you are sleeping.  But, let’s talk about the pros and cons and if it fits right for you.

Advantage of Owning an Enclosed Trailer with AC

There are many reasons to consider owning an enclosed trailer with AC. Owning an enclosed trailer are unique because of space and creativity that you can do on it. Choosing layout and designs that you want; adding a living area, and dining area and of course if you have a budget, you may customize it all you want.

Trending and Popular

Right now, you can see a lot of enclosed trailer with AC, which is now a trend that can be seen on the RV campgrounds. Since it is a customizable option and can be purchased on a low price especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Light and Movable

The advantage of owning an enclosed trailer is that an enclosed trailer is light and can be pulled by any vehicle. But then again, some enclosed trailer doesn’t have an AC so here goes your DIY mind and put an AC on it, adding it on your customizable list.

Disadvantage of Owning One

Pricey to Install AC

The problem in AC placement can be crucial. You have to consider buying an AC that fits for an enclosed trailer and not just your ordinary AC type that you can just put on your room. You have to consider the weight of it as well as the placement of it inside the trailer. There’s a portable AC made just for an enclosed trailer. But it can be pricey especially if it’s an inverter type. Learn more from our Best RV Aircon Guide.

Noisy if not dealt early

Loud noise from AC can be solved since an enclosed trailer is made by an aluminum thin wall in which you can add paddings before you apply your AC. You wouldn’t want to hear the AC’s noise while you were sleeping right? Therefore, it is best to check on your insulated walls for soundproof before placing an AC.

Issue with Moisture built up

If you’re an enclosed trailer with AC owner, you may have noticed moisture around the walls and the floor especially if you have an insulated one. It still depends on the climate. Since you are on a budget, you can use duct insulation without sacrificing space inside your enclosed trailer. You can find it in your local hardware shop.

Adding an AC unit to your Enclosed Trailer is a Big Check in Investment

If you’re a camper who doesn’t have an AC on your enclosed trailer, then this is the sign that you are looking for. Buy yours and install it to your enclosed trailer. Of course, you have to come up with a budget, the space needed, and how will your camper looks like when it is installed.

Portable air-conditioners can be the easiest, budget-friendly to have it on your enclosed trailer. There are also portable air conditioners with an inverter. But of course, it is more expensive than ordinary ones.  You have to consider sacrificing a space inside the trailer and also you have the energy to fill out the water out of your portable unit from time to time. But since it is a portable AC, you can always take it with you while having a camp.

Window Type RV Aircon

Also, I’ve heard that adding a window type unit can be another option. It is cheap and can be made as one of your DIY projects especially if you’re still customizing your enclosed trailer. But be mindful if you have chosen to place the unit on the side because it might be sticking out while you’re driving which can cause a problem on the roadside.

Is it worth a try if I used a portable AC on my Enclosed Trailer?

Well, it depends on your budget, your needs and how it will become handy once you begin your camping trip. If you’re decided in getting a portable AC, then here are the lists to be considered:


Depending on your enclosed trailer size, you need to consider this before buying one. An AC unit rated at 5000 Btu is for room area of 100-150sq. if it’s 250sq or more, increase 1000 Btu for every 100sq feet area.


An AC unit must be light to be easily transported. The heavier AC you can get, the increase kilos can affect your travel especially if you’re going uphill.

Power Consumption

Modern models especially AC with Inverter are being energy-efficient. Choose a unit which consumes minimum energy without compromising the quality and cooling efficiency. Inverter types usually are a bit pricey. So you have to include this in increasing your budget.


You have to list down everything and see if it fits on your budget. Price plays an important role in decision-making factor. It is better to canvas and list all the items for you not to be overwhelmed in choosing what’s right for you. Remember, too much is never going to be okay especially when you won’t be able to use a certain item that will last long. Quality over Quantity.

Pros and Cons

In every item, you have to list down Pros and Cons so you may know how it fits on your space and how it will work inside your enclosed trailer.


The final decision regarding an Enclosed Trailer with AC will be the installation, the price, and space. Also on how it will work inside your enclosed trailer while you’re off to camp. You need to buy an AC which can be comfortably placed inside and lighter. So you can move it easily while you’re traveling.

When you started to type out the pros and cons, it is surely can be resulted to a lot of work but then, you wouldn’t want to compromise the comfortable feeling having an AC inside my own enclosed trailer. As long as you’re happy and can enjoy the outdoor life while being on a camp, then go for it.

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