Transit Campervan Conversions: A Cut above the Rest

Transit campervan conversions

Transit campervan conversions are all the rage these days. Ever wondered why? Sit back, relax, and let us tell you. This article will touch on the van life, campervan conversions, and examples to feed your wanderlust and imagination.

Van Life

There was a time when traveling across the country comfortably was equated with clunky Class A motorhomes. Those days are long gone. At present times, campervans have somewhat become the posterchild of comfy yet budget-friendly homes on the road.

In fact, there is a growing community of campervan full-timers. Look no further than Instagram, and you’ll see accounts promoting the van life racking up nearly a million followers. Evidently, this is a sign that the van life is taking off. Why do you think that is?

Campervan Conversions

As a motorhome, campervans popularity is undeniable, owing to their versatile and affordable nature. To illustrate, Class B motorhomes make the best of what they have. Their limited space is designed efficiently, allowing a plethora of fixtures to fit in.

For this reason, campervan conversions are a common way people get into the van life. The world wide web has a ton of people documenting their experience living and travelling in their campervans. Another key point for campervan conversions is that you wouldn’t have to commit to permanent modifications.


When customizing your van, you can opt to go for removable and modular fixtures. Going this route will allow you to further tailor-fit your vehicles interiors depending on the length and depth of your outdoor excursion. In either case, your mobile home can be imbued with as much of your own style and personality as you want. You can learn more about this in our article about interior kits.

Given these points, it makes sense why people have become drawn to campervan conversions. The best vans to convert include the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, Chevy Express, and Nissan NV, to name a few. Each vehicle has its pros, but in this article, we’ll hone into the Ford Transit.

Ford Transit Campervan Conversions

Many people would pick the Ford Transit as their first choice for campervan conversion without reservation. As something that is mass produced, it’s quite customizable, hence it’s large following. The benefits of transit campervan conversions is the wide  of options to tailor-fit the vehicle to your needs.

Specifically, you can decide on its length, wheelbase, roof height, and engine. It has a starting price of less than $35,000. It’s a relatively new model with parts widely available. Therefore, it wouldn’t be difficult to maintain.


How does it hold up against the Mercedes Sprinter, another popular choice for campervan conversion? Compared to the Sprinter, which is priced at almost $40,000, the Transit is more affordable. Although the Sprinter also has a ton of configurations, the Transit is slightly larger and thus is more spacious.

Take a look at amazing campervan conversions here. If you plan to convert a utility trailer instead, you can also check this out.

DIY Transit Campervan Conversions

Scour the net and you’ll find a ton of DIY resources for transit campervan conversions. The primary reason for DIY transit campervan conversions is the markedly lower price tag.

If you’re going this route, be sure you’re ready to put in the work. Just think about your end goal. Do your research, plan everything out, and choose good quality materials. You don’t want to go through all that trouble, only for it to break down, right?

For instance, Far Out Ride has detailed notes on transit campervan conversion planning, which includes information on van selection, insulation, condensation control, and refrigerator choice. In addition, they’ve also shared guides on the design of electrical, water, and propane systems. If you’re wondering more about the cost and labor, they also posted detailed summaries.

That being said, converting your van to the camper of your dreams does not have to be a fancy affair. If you’re decided on a budget, stick to it. Map out the layout, measure out the floor space, select your interiors, and purchase your appliances. With diligence, you can finish in as soon as a week, just like the Two Wandering Soles.

Custom Built Transit Campervan Conversions

If you have neither the time nor penchant for the grueling labor involved with DIY conversions, that’s ok. There’s an easy peasy route for campervan conversion.Several campervan conversion companies will come to the rescue.

Examples of Companies

One of the most well-known and reliable is Sportsmobile, which provides different customization services. Pricing depends on the materials, furniture, and appliances that will be used for the van conversion. If you visit their website, you can be as details as you want with their Design Your Own site.  

Benchmark Vehicles is another company you can look into. They focus on the conversion of Sprinters and Transits. Their process is straight to the point, providing you a range of options that cater to your set parameters. You can make a decision on the floor plan, feature inclusions, and the fit and finish of the installations. What’s more, their layouts are clean, simple, functional and modern.

Final Thoughts

For someone who wants to experience the van life, looking into campervan conversions is a good place to start. You can opt to do it yourself or you can ask customization companies to help you do so. Of course, each route has its advantages and disadvantages. DIY will undoubtedly be less costly, but it’s also more labor-intensive.

There are several base van models you could choose from, and it will take a ton of research on your part to come to a decision. Just keep in mind all the constraints a project of this magnitude has. In particular, your skills, availability, and budget should be taken into account.

All things considered, the Ford Transit is a time-tested, reliable, and affordable option. You cannot go wrong with it. Lastly, no matter how you want to proceed with your transit campervan conversion, what’s important is that you enjoy the process. After all, you are creating your home on the road.

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