Campgrounds in Holden Beach NC for RV

Campgrounds in Holden Beach NC

Are you feeling overwhelmed lately? Do you feel like your responsibilities suffocating you? Are your worries piling up into one intimidating heap? Is your plate so full that just thinking about it fills you with dread?  Maybe you need a break. If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, the campgrounds in Holden Beach NC are a good choice.

Now to help you make a decision, there are a few things you should know. Where can you go and what can you do? What should you bring? What should you know?

If you continue reading, you’ll get an idea.

Choosing RV campgrounds in Holden Beach NC

Holden Beach, North Carolina is home to a range of camping sites. Whether you’re a beginner or experience camper, you will not be hard-pressed to find the perfect location. That’s for sure.

What’s your primary reason for going camping? Do you want to get in touch with nature? Do you just want solitude? Or Do you want to learn about the locals? Whatever it is you’re looking for, the campgrounds in Holden Beach, NC can provide it for you.

Holden Beach RV Campground (HBRV)

If you want a peaceful break from the daily grind of your city life but don’t want to be isolated from everyone, HBRV is a good choice. You can design your escape from city life around tent camping or RV camping – both options are possible in this campground.

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for the ‘First Time Camping Package,’ which is great for families who don’t have much experience with tent camping. For two nights, you’ll get to experience old school camping. You’ll learn to build and cook food with firewood.

Would you try glamping?

If you’ve done the basic tent experience before and you have the budget for it, why don’t you try glamping? Imagine arriving with everything set up – a glamorous canvas tent with a queen bed to lie down on in the middle of the woods. There would also be a hammock you could chill out on.

There is a clear separation between the RV camping sites and civilization. That being said, they are close enough to both the beach and wilderness so the things you can do are still varied.  

When it comes to activities, there is no shortage – whether you want a jampacked day filled with activity, or you just want to do things leisurely. Hit up the local restaurants and stroll around the pier. You could explore the trails in the woods or take a kayak or canoe to explore the water. Speaking of the water, you could also jump in and surf.

Holden Beach Pier Campground

Wake up to the ocean breeze and the sound of waves. This campground boasts a rich selection of activities appropriate for solo or group travelers. Conveniently located by the fishing pier, you’ll be surrounded by the beach.

How you choose to go on your camping trip is your choice. You can bring an RV and hook it up to electricity, water, and the sewer. There are a total of 60 beachfront campsites. If that’s not something you can do, there are also apartments and motel rooms you can rent.

Since it’s by the beach, you can try fishing or boating. If you’d rather explore nature, Holden Beach Pier Campground is also close to a number of attractions and activities. It actually boasts of unique experiences tailored for day trips, weekend escapes, or longer vacations.

Explore North Carolina’s vast lands. Watch cascading waterfalls. Rapel, slide, and hike across the terrain. These are all things you can do if you stay in Holden Beach Pier Campground.

Green Oaks Campground

Need to get away with the family? Green Oaks Campground is the ideal location. It’s a relatively small campsite in Holden Beach but year after year, families flock to this location because of its small-town charm.

Just like Holden Beach Pier Campground, it has an RV hookup for electricity, water, and the sewer. It is open all year so you can spontaneously plan a trip. The small distance between this campground and the beach gives you a chance to walk around and explore the community.

Besides the common activities like surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, you could instead opt to explore the local eateries. Meet new people and exchange perspectives about life.

S&W Campground

S&W Campground is perhaps one of the underrated camp sites in the Holden Beach area. It markets itself as a home away from home and is quite popular among the retired folks. There are wide grassy areas and the walking trails are surrounded by shady trees.

It also has a strategic location close to several beaches in Brunswick County. So if you want to explore outside Holden Beach, it would be easy to reach Oak Island, Ocean Isle, Sunset Beach, Calabash, Southport, and even Leland. If you want to explore the bodies of water, you can do so through surfing or kayaking. If you want to stay on land, you can try out fishing or golf.

If you choose this charming location, you need an RV as tents are not allowed. It can accommodate fifty 30 amp RVs and twenty 50 amp RVs. It also has 10 gravel and grass sites.

Taking Precautions

Do not throw caution to the winds. When it comes to RV trips, make sure you prepare accordingly.

Learn to drive properly

If you don’t have much experience driving an RV, make sure you get some practice. Learn how to drive it properly and make sure you have the proper license. The experience is very different from driving a normal car. The practice will help you learn to maneuver it, ensuring safe road travels.

Planning saves time and money

Plan your route. Get to know your RV. You should be well informed about the capacity of its gas tank and its range. If you don’t you might overestimate and find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Or, you could reach your destination with no gas to make the return trip.

Double check to avoid a wreck

Make a checklist. You need to have a checklist for RV inspection. An RV has many components. You don’t want to blow a tire on the road or leave a storage rack open as you hit the road. This is not only dangerous but also costly.

Insurance is your friend

Make sure you have insurance. While no one wants an accident to happen, it’s better to be prepares for any unexpected incident.

Know the weather

While weather cannot be controlled, you can anticipate it. Look at weather forecasts and plan accordingly. You don’t want to make a reservation in riverside camp sites during the rainy season, especially if the area is known for flooding. Correct?

Taking the Plunge

Planning an RV trip can be intimidating but it’s also exciting. It’s a huge undertaking that you should thoroughly prepare for if it’s your first time.

Solitude, relaxation, and new experiences; the campgrounds in Holden Beach NC ticks all of these boxes. It’s totally a good vacation option. For people who think camping is a difficult experience because you’ll be stripped of the convenience offered by hotels, don’t knock it until you try it.

If you don’t want to pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere and sleep with just a thin sleeping bag between you and the Earth, you don’t have to. As the campgrounds in Holden Beach have demonstrated, that is not the only avenue for camping.

Going camping with recreational vehicles is a unique experience you should try if you ever get the chance. There are a few considerations you have to make before taking it, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor if you want to take break and clear your head.

See how you can immerse in nature with all the comforts of home. Go on and try RV camping.

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