Campervan interiors kits: Custom build your own van

Campervan interiors kits

What are campervan interiors kits and why should they matter to you? Those are only a few questions we’ll answer in this article. Aside from campervan interiors kits, we’ll also discuss van conversions and product recommendations.

If those topics seem like something that would interest you, then by all means, continue reading.

Campervan Conversions

First, let’s begin with campervan conversions in general. Campervan conversions are becoming more and more common. If you go online, you’ll find several examples that will make you yearn for the van life.

So why exactly are van conversions such a hot topic right now? Basically, they give camping enthusiasts an affordable choice when it comes to mobile homes. Compared to Class A motorhomes, they’re reasonably priced options. Additionally, campers get the opportunity to customize their mobile home experience. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have the money to spare, the possibilities are endless.

Pros and Cons

When we think of motorhomes, the first thing that pops into many people’s minds is one of those humongous Class A vehicles. Undoubtedly, Class As are the model for a comfortable home on the road. However, their size also poses problems, most notably in maneuverability and maintenance.

Campervans usually fall under Class B motorhomes. Unlike Class A’s, they are more functional in that they are less bulky, easier to steer, and have better gas mileage. As a result of its smaller dimensions, campervans are easier to park. Moreover, they present less hassle when planning out your travel route. Consequently, you’ll have no problem going under bridges, passing through small roads, or riding through small towns.

Its size is a dual ended sword. Though it may be one of its biggest strengths, it may also be the largest factor working against it. The smaller space limits what you can take on the road. Furthermore, it can affect comfortability. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be packed with all sorts of amenities. You just have to be smart with your priorities.


When there’s a demand, there will always be a supply. As campervan popularity increases, the number of companies catering to that market also grows. To demonstrate this point, there are several campervan conversion companies popping up in the market, showing how much it is a lucrative endeavor.  

Outside Van, Sportsmobile, and Base Campers are excellent examples. You’ll have to choose a base vehicle, and then decide on its inclusions. As an example, Sportmobile had a hand in customizing a campervan capable of housing 6 people. If you can’t allot a period or don’t have the skills to custom build your ideal camper, then it’s a good idea to get in contact with these companies.

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Campervan Interiors Kits

Alternatively, if you enjoy DIY and have the time to spare, you can look for campervan interiors kits. These are the more affordable option, with costs as low as $18,000, albeit they require more work from you. Take note that the price of the base vehicle is not included. This is suitable for camping enthusiasts who already own a van.

The lengthy process involves researching about appropriate interiors – layouts, storage, paneling, lighting, seating, and equipment, to name a few. At the same time, you will have to measuring out the insides of your van, select a color scheme or theme, and then install all the interiors on your own. This includes seats, bed platforms, and furniture, among others. Truly, it will be a labor of love. You will dedicate hundreds of hours and labor just to achieve

Be that as it may, we think it’s worth it if you’re balling on a budget. In comparison to custom build companies, whose prices are in the hundred thousand range, putting in a little more work is acceptable trade off, don’t you think?

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Campervan Interiors Kit Recommendations

To this end, we’ve rounded up a few campervan interiors kits that may strike your fancy.

SJS VW Camper Interiors

SJS VW Camper Interiors is a company based in the UK. However, they do international shipping. If you’re into the simple but classic look of wooden interiors, then you should definitely check their work out. Their kits include a base unit, side unit, overhead unit, top box, Formica worktop, table, and R&R bed. For price inquiries, you’ll have to contact them through their site.

Kúkú Campers

Kúkú Campers is a Colorado-based company that also has wooden installations but offers more than just fixtures. For less than $7000, you’ll get camper boxes with plastic drawers, plywood panels, wall insulation, and upholstered foam cushions. Additionally, their kit also comes with a dropdown table, butane stove, 2-gallon water tank, cooler, trailer roof vent, interior LED lights, and an auxiliary battery. To avail of their kit, you can either ship your campervan to them, or visit their home base.


Simple camper van conversion lives up to its name. If we were to go by its price points, its name could actually be called Simple and Affordable, with kits available for less than $400, depending on your vehicle. Because their kit doesn’t involve permanent modification and fixings to your vehicle, it is perfect for van owners who only go on camping trips occasionally. It caters to Citroen Berlingos, Peugeot Partners, Peugeot Rifters, Fiat Doblos, Renault Kangoos, and even smaller vehicles like Skoda Yetis.

Adventure Wagon

If you’re looking for an adaptable interior system, then you should check out Adventure Wagon. They have modular interior kits, modular beds, and other modular products such as van heaters or battery trays. Consequently, you’ll be able to modify the inside of your vehicle. In any event, be it a cross country adventure with friends or family, or a short road trip to a target destination, they’ve got your back. The starting price of their interior kits is less than $12,000.  

Custom build your van now!

Campervan interiors kits are a great option for people who want to convert their van into a mobile home without breaking the bank. As demonstrated by the examples above, there are several routes you can go, from simple and affordable to complex and luxurious. You can go for whatever floats your boat and whatever your budget allows.

Certainly, there are limitations based on your van type. Even so, don’t let that stop you. If you research well enough, you’ll find a suitable kit.

With a little time and much care, you’ll have a campervan tailor-fitted to your lifestyle and satisfying all your requirements down to a tee. Moreover, by opting to DIY your campervan interiors, you’ll cut down on van conversion costs. In effect, you’ll have more money to splurge on other items.

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