Best RV to live in full-time: Things to consider

Best RV to live in full-time

If you want to know the best RV to live in full-time then this article is for you. Keep reading as we break down elements and circumstances that should factor into your decision. At the same time, we’ll be offering a few recommendations.

But before deciding on getting an RV to live in full-time, make sure you know what are the benefits and challenges of living full-time in an RV.

Best RV to live in full-time

Are you in the market for a fully livable recreational vehicle? I bet you want to know which the best RV to live in full-time is. Here at Camperism, the best answer we can give you is, it depends.

It sounds like such a cop out answer, but it’s the truth. Quite frankly, there isn’t a “one size fits all” best RV that we can recommend you. In other words, no single RV can meet the needs of everyone in the market.

In fact, the presence of hundreds upon hundreds of luxury RV and RV Camper models is evidence of this fact. Consequently, the decision to purchase an RV is not something to be taken lightly.

Firstly, you have to carefully examine your priorities. Keep in mind that you will be scaling almost every part of your life down. Take note of the things you can afford to skimp on, and the things you simply aren’t capable of downsizing. Afterwards, you can browse through the market for mobile homes that mesh the best with your outlined priorities.

This process will help you ascertain the class of motorhome you require. In addition, you’ll avoid the regret of buying an RV completely wrong for your lifestyle.

Figure out a budget

When it comes to being a full-time RVer, your biggest consideration would probably be the cost. You want to be able to get the most bang out of your bucks. That is to say, your chosen unit must be reasonably priced for its specs and durability. You should also be able to take care of service and maintenance costs.  

Your budget will influence your decision on the best RV for full-time living because it will factor into whether or not you’d choose a motorized RV or towable RV. In the same way, it would also affect your selection of RV classes.  

What’s the use of purchasing an RV if you can’t sustain it due to lack of funds?

Think about the size

Account for the number of people who will be living in the RV full time. In the case of a large group, the bigger the RV, the better. However, if we’re talking about maneuverability, the opposite is the case.

Previously, we mentioned the importance of getting your priorities straight. In connection to this, you’ll have to decide which between comfort and ease of travel will be higher on the list.

This is because as your vehicle gets longer, issues in city parking, campground availability, and maneuverability concerns also magnify. In this factor, your driving ability will also come into play.

Explore space configurations

Space configuration is an important aspect of selecting RV models best for full-time living. To illustrate this point, spending an extended amount of time on the road in a limited space can make you feel claustrophobic.

Granted, deciding to become a full-time RVer means you are downsizing your living spaces. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live in a confining shoe box. Choose a configuration that uses space in a smart way.

For example, large windows, efficient storage spaces, and simple furniture can go a long way in creating the illusion of a spacious room. Similarly, opting for blinds instead of curtains and having interiors painted with light colors instead of dark, will also have an effect.

To read more tips on downsizing, you can check out our articles on packing, storage, and organization ideas.

Browse through Recommendations

There are several types of RVs and depending on the your lifestyle, price considerations, as well as the number of people you’ll be taking with you, some types will be more suitable as the best RV for full-time living.

For example, Class A’s are the most expensive and for good reason. They come with a ton of amenities and are appropriate for large parties. Of course, they also come with cons such as terrible gas mileage and inaccessibility of some roads.

Class A’s are perfect for large groups of people who want to travel in style in comfort. Although, you’d have to plan your destination around areas with roads that can accommodate this particular RV class’s size.

In effect, you’d have to thoroughly study the pros and cons of each RV model to decide which is the best option.

Luxury RVs for full-time living

If you can afford a luxury RV to live in full-time, one option is the Holiday Rambler Endeavor, which costs more than $300,000. You can choose its features, from the floor plan, interior and exterior option, and décor.   

Small RVs for full-time living

On the other hand, if you’d like a smaller RV for easier maneuverability, you can take a look at Unity by Leisure Travel Vans. With a starting price of less than $150,000, the Unity RV is an affordable and versatile option. Truly, with 5 different floor plans, it boasts flexible and innovative living spaces. Moreover, the 25 feet RV has personalization at its core.

Conclusion on Best RV to live in full-time

Ultimately, the best RV to live in full-time is one you can settle and travel in sustainably and comfortably. It should cater to your specific needs in terms of price, size, and design, whatever they may be. If you won’t be a solo full-time RVer, then it should also be capable of accommodating your companions. Furthermore, the upkeep and maintenance costs should not break the bank.

To conclude, you must exercise due diligence in order to get a good deal. Take your time doing research, comparing specs, canvassing prices, attending RV shows, or visiting dealerships. Indeed, it may seem like a lot of work in the beginning, but don’t let that stop you. Living life on the road is an exciting prospect, rife with challenges, adventure, and rewarding experiences.

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