Small Camper with Bathroom: Which Model Is The Best?

small camper with bathroom

No matter where you’re staying, you need a place where the bathroom and toilet systems are very effective, are easy to maintain, and have a good drainage system. Small campers have their advantages when it comes to purchase price, maintenance, and them being very easy to tow. Different people have different preferences and different ideas about what exactly it means to have a small camper. Some insist that their camper comes with bathroom. In this article, we will look at six different small camper with bathroom that you can buy in the market today.

My Top 6 Choice for Small Camper with Bathroom

Many small camper models come with a bathroom. However, after looking at a lot of them, I’ve decided to review these 6 models:

  • The 20’9″ KZ Spree Escape Mini
  • The 13’ Happier Camper with Dry Flush Toilet
  • The 15’ Cricket Camper
  • The 21’8″ Winnebago Rialta
  • The 22’ Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended
  • The 14’ iCamp Elite Camper

The 20’9″ KZ Spree Escape Mini

This type of camper comes in different models and floor plans, so you can check out their website and choose the combination that will suit your needs completely.

Some come with the toilet and bathroom separate while others come with the shower, bathroom, and toilet all in one room. The latter sounds like a better advantage because you are able to do everything at once while located in one space without having to inconvenience any other person with whom you may be sharing the small camper.

Therefore, if you are looking for a small camper with bathroom, the KZ Spress Escape Mini would be a suitable choice.

The 13’ Happier Camper with Dry Flush Toilet

If your preference is to get a more appealing camper that is cute and easy to tow, allowing you to move almost anywhere without strain, then this camper may be the one for you.

The advantage here is that you can move the camper, so if you need to use the bathroom, you will not need to hold it in until you can find a place where you can dispose of the waste.

The one disadvantage of this small camper is that the bathroom is not built-in. You can opt for a road shower and a dry flush toilet, and then all you need is to have a bathroom tent which you can use for privacy, especially when you need to take a shower.

The 15’ Cricket Camper

The cricket camper is rugged in appearance but extremely light when it comes to weight. The advantage of this camper is that its weight makes its mobility easy.

This kind of camper has two disadvantages. It does not have a toilet built-in, so you would need to carry a portable toilet for RV. If this is not well maintained, it can be hazardous in terms of health and also exude a smell which makes your stay in the camper quite uncomfortable, depending on the type of portable toilet you have.

Also, you will need to have a bathroom tent for privacy since the shower is not found inside the camper. However, even with these two limitations, the external shower can be attached with the camper if you include it in your list of specifications when purchasing the camper.

Therefore, if you need a small camper with bathroom then this model might not work and you will have to look elsewhere.

The 21’8″ Winnebago Rialta

This camper is great if you are working with a budget. Winnebago as a company stopped the manufacture of Rialta in 2005, so you will not find this kind of camper readily available in the market.

Regardless of its small size, there is still more than enough room for you to breath as well as space for your belongings. Its bathroom also comes with a door, which is wonderful news because you will not need to purchase an additional portable toilet and privacy tent.

The 22’ Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended

First of all, you need to know that this camper is extremely expensive because its make is Mercedes, and that also means it’s high maintenance. However, if your preference is to drive your camper across rivers, through deserts, and up mountains, then this is the best camper for you.

The bathroom is built-in but is bought separately as an extension to the main camper. If you have the money and are looking to have a wild experience in a camper with a built-in bathroom, then this is one to seriously consider.

The 14’ iCamp Elite Camper

At only 14 feet, this is one of the smallest RV campers you will come across. However, when you compare this little camper with all of the others discussed above, this one has all the advantages you may be looking for.

First, it has a shower and a built-in toilet. This already saves you the hassle of having to buy a portable toilet or a bathroom tent for privacy.

Secondly, the dinette of this camper transfers into a bed. It can’t get any better than that!

Finally, what is even more interesting is that this small camper comes with an oven and a fridge. This is certainly a bonus because the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom needs have all been met in this one small camper.

Therefore, if you are looking for a really small camper with bathroom that is also equipped with kitchen and bedroom, the iCamp Elite Camper is ideal.


To sum up this article, different small camper model have its advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to bathroom. Some comes with a fully fitted bathroom and shower while others just a dry toilet.

Therefore, before you handover the cash for a small camper, insist on checking the interior and the bathroom.

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