Tiny House vs RV – Why RV is better?

Tiny House vs RV

Many people are currently either buying, purchasing, or building their own tiny house on wheels. The reason behind this is usually to try to downsize. The appearance of a tiny house on wheels is of course cute and appealing, but it has many disadvantages when compared to a Recreational Vehicle (RV). This article highlights the advantages that an RV has over a tiny house, which may cause you to reconsider which one is truly the best option for you.

RVs Are Cheaper

If you look up the price of building a tiny house as well as the price of buying an RV, you will notice a huge difference. Building a tiny house on wheels may cost you an average of $30k to $50k. However, if you consider purchasing an RV, especially a used one, it will often be cheaper.

It is important to consider whether the house you intend to build will meet your various, specific needs. Even if that is possible, consider buying an RV that can also meet all of your needs while costing less; you may find one that has been used for over 30 years but is still in good shape.

RVs Have Downstairs Bedrooms

While an RV’s sleeping area is often located downstairs, most beds in tiny houses are located in upstairs lofts. So, whenever you need to rest, you have to climb stairs or a ladder, depending on the design.

The is a disadvantage for people who are older, and it can be more difficult for anyone with health complications to use the stairs or ladder from time to time. This gives RVs a big advantage over tiny houses in the areas of convenience and saving energy.

RVs Are Made to Withstand Long Stretches of Being on the Highway

Most people will move their tiny homes around often, depending on where they want to be at a particular time. As you move your tiny house, you will come across changes in weather, such as humidity or rain, that may negatively effect the material used to build your tiny house. Tiny homes will not always withstand these changes in weather while on a long stretch of highway.

An RV, however, is different and copes very well with change. Whether or not the climate is harsh while it’s moving, it remains intact. The RV is built in such a way that it will not be effected by long hauls, regardless of the weather.

More RVs Are Available for Purchase

Tiny houses have become very popular because most people have recently preferred them to RVs. However, when it comes to availability, RVs are more easily and readily found since they are already built and have been in use for a number of years. All you need to do is choose which one to buy or rent.

Tiny houses, on the other hand, have limited availability and high prices due to their high demand, so lovers of these are likely to suffer a little.

RVs Have Better Bathrooms

When we say that RVs have better bathrooms, we mean that you can have the exact same experience as when you use a normal bathroom on a daily basis. An RV bathroom can be easily cleaned and maintained.

On the other hand, tiny houses often have composting toilets that can make a tiny house smell terrible if not maintained well and often.

RVs Are More Lightweight

Tiny houses are made of wood, which makes them heavier than RVs. If you ever need to tow either of them, a tiny house would be more difficult considering its weight while an RV would be easier.

In addition, when it comes to driving, it is easier for a lightweight RV to go down the road, resisting the flow of wind, while a heavier machine may need to be hauled manually.

RVs Have a Better Kitchen Area

If you are a person who loves to cook, then you will definitely need a big prep area and kitchen area. The RV is able to provide that space.

Many RVs have a counter space that doubles as a dining table. This is because there would be absolutely no space in either an RV or a tiny house for a full dining table. Cooking in a spacious room makes the whole process enjoyable while having to strain for enough space to do your kitchen tasks makes the process more tedious. 

Some RVs Have Space for a Small Clothes Washer and Dryer

An RV provides an extra, designated space where you can store a clothes washer and dryer. With a tiny house, whenever you need to do cleaning, you may need to consolidate a little space below your counters, making it more difficult to wash clothes even for just two people.

So, while an RV has built-in space for a washer and dryer, that same appliance would take away needed storage space in a tiny house.

An RV Is Easier to Resell

Just as it is expensive to build a tiny house on wheels, it is equally expensive to resell a tiny house.

However, with an RV, it is a bit easier. All you need to do is to go online and research the specifications that match the RV you are trying to sell, and then see for what price others are selling your same type of RV.

Depending on the kind of RV you own, once you make the decision to resell, ensure that the buyer will be getting a good experience and good value for their money.

In Conclusion on Tiny House vs RV

With that, I am sure you can now see clearly why getting an RV is of greater advantage and benefits for you in both the short and long run. If you are looking for sustainable living, do consider getting an RV. Hope this ends the argument about tiny house vs RV.

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