Murphy bed for RV: Is it a good idea?

Murphy Bed for RV

Should you get a Murphy bed for RV? If you have never seen or used a Murphy bed before, then you need to highly consider getting one for your RV. In the long run, your experience in your RV may be the best or the worst depending on what items you choose to have in your small space.

If you are planning on using an RV for the first time, it is important to do a little research. You can also speak with someone who already uses an RV so that they can share their experiences. In this article, we will look at having a Murphy bed for RV and whether or not it is necessary.

The Murphy Bed Saves on Time and Energy

If you have spent your day in your RV working or taking care of things, there could be so many objects and papers on your table. It is already night time, and you now need to use up more of that time to clear off the table so you can move it and spread out your bed. When using the Murphy bed, though, you do not need to go through all this trouble.

When it is time to sleep, all the Murphy bed does is fold down over the couch. Fortunately, the bed can also go right over the table, so you will not need to move it to make enough room for the bed.

The Murphy Bed Is Easily Accessed with Space on Both Sides

If you are sharing a bed with someone in your RV, then you probably wake them up each time you decide to get off the bed. This can be quite annoying. However, a Murphy bed usually has enough space on each side of the bed to allow you to get off without having to disturb the other occupant.

The fact that you can get off the Murphy bed without the other occupant noticing means that the bed is strong enough to withhold the weight of more than one person and that it is also firm, so there are no sounds made when either occupant is getting off the bed.

The Murphy Bed Is Easy to Operate and to Move

The biggest struggle we experience with any kind of bed is moving it from point A to point B. Some beds are extremely heavy, and at times we would prefer to keep them sitting in the way rather than struggle with their great weight.

However, the Murphy bed does not need to be moved in order to create room or space for something else to be done. It operates in such a way that when it is no longer in use, all you need to do is to press a button, and then the bed can either return to a couch position or go back into the wall.

The Murphy Bed Folds into the Wall

There are some people who still need a space to work when RVing. Unfortunately, most RV’s are extremely small in size and cannot contain an extra seat, let alone a table. A Murphy bed, however, greatly helps when it comes to needing a workspace.

If you intend to use a Murphy bed in your RV, then it is okay to include a table and a seat for your work since the bed can simply fold out over the table. All you will need to do is to fold the Murphy bed back onto the wall to open up the working space that you need.

The Murphy Bed Does Not Need Electricity to Operate

There are certain RV beds that are placed in such a way that they can only operate through some form of technology. For instance, there are beds that can be placed up near the ceiling, and their positioning can only be changed through an electric button or remote.

Imagine a situation where the electricity goes out. Your bed is now stuck up on the ceiling, and there’s no way to bring it down when it’s time to sleep.

The Murphy bed, on the other hand, operates without the need of technology. It simply folds over any sofas and tables in your RV so that you can go ahead and have your rest.

The Price of Murphy Beds Is Decreasing

Most people have avoided purchasing a Murphy bed in the past because they have been quite expensive, depending on their features.

The good news is that their demand is currently rising since most RV owners want to have Murphy beds in order to have the best time while camping. If this is you, then you will be happy to know that Murphy beds are becoming cheaper, and their prices are now more manageable.

DIY Murphy Bed for RV plan

If you still think it is too expensive and you are into DIY, you can easily create one with a guide from a simple Murphy bed plan sold on Amazon. This plan has a 5 star rating and is love by previous customers. So if you are looking to start a new DIY project, check out this plan.

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