Campgrounds in Maggie Valley NC for RV

Campgrounds in Maggie Valley

Camping is one of the best activity you should be doing. However it could be hard to find a good campgrounds that can accomodate your RV. So in this article, I will be sharing some of the best campgrounds in Maggie Valley NC. I hope to provide more campground guides to help everyone. But before I share the various campgrounds, allow me to share a little about the benefit of camping.

Why should you go camping?

Many people don’t know this but camping actually has many benefits outside of providing you and your family or friends some fun and enjoyment. On top of aiding the creation of wonderful memories, the effects of camping trips are numerous, most of which will leach favorably into your personal life. 

Reset your biological clock

Electrical lights are pillars of the modern world. We are surrounded by them. However, studies have shown that they have disrupted our biological clocks. Instead of matching the rise and fall of the sun, our internal clocks become confused. This, in turn, affects our sleeping habits.  

The good news is camping can reset our biological clocks, synchronizing it with the natural light to dark cycle. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, maybe it’s a sign you should go out and experience nature more.

Get some sun and breathe fresh air

Aside from promoting better sleep, camping will also enhance your physical and mental well-being. Camping activities like walking and hiking can burn calories. In addition, physical activities during camping trips can lead to the production of endorphins and serotonins – hormones which can improve your mood and make you feel more energized.

Even the simple act of exposing yourself to the sun has health benefits. Fun under the sun, when done at the right time, will get you more vitamin D. Just remember to wear sunscreen. You don’t want to get sunburn or worse, skin cancer.

When you get to your camping site, do this one thing: take a deep breath. You’ll notice a stark difference between the air you breathe back home and in nature. Savor it because it’s healthier and cleaner. 

Get rid of your worries

Being away on a camping trip is an opportunity unplug from the internet and all that comes with it. It’s undeniable that it’s a vital part of our everyday lives. However, modern technology and the internet is also one of the most

Do yourself a favor. Avoid all screens during your camping trip. No laptop, tab, or TV. Bring your smartphone so you can be contacted for emergencies. But don’t use it for anything other than communication with loved ones. Just focus on the camping experience.

Good campgrounds in Maggie Valley

The first step to getting some sun and breathing fresh air is to select a camping ground. The campgrounds in Maggie Valley, NC are a terrific choice to unplug and get some peace and quiet.  

Stonebridge RV Resort

Nestled in the mountain town of Maggie Valley is an 18-acre property called Stonebridge RV Resort. You can drive an RV to one of its campsites, or rent a chalet, cabin, or cottage.

It is near other interesting locations like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cataloochee Ski Area, Cherokee, and Smoky Mountain National Park. This makes it the perfect getaway for the stressed mind. You will be away from the city with no shortage of physical activity, getting enough sunlight and fresh air to recharge your mind and body.

Cross Creek RV Park

If you want a quiet escape with your pet/s, Cross Creek could be your next summer destination. Tents are not allowed in the area as there are no bathrooms or shower houses. So if you choose this camping ground, you should take into account the costs for an RV or an RV rental.

You’re not quite unplugged from the internet, as WiFi is available in the property. However, you’ll be able to experience nature up close with creek side camp sites and an accessible mountain trail. Sometimes, animals, such as the elk, also wander into the park.

Pride RV Resort and Family Campground

Watch the sun rise and set from a unique vantage point at in Pride RV Resort and Family Campground. Smack-dab in the middle of the famous Smoky Mountain, you’ll experience the wonders of nature without having to sacrifice comfort.

This campground is on the more luxurious side – having a clubhouse, swimming pool, hot tub, laundromat, and linen service. The possibilities are endless for camping activities. You can trek through the many available nature trails or go fishing.

If you don’t want to explore nature, you can still relax by socializing with other campers through golf, basketball, bean bag toss, and other recreational activities.

Hillbilly Campground

In the heart of Maggie Valley is the Hillbilly Campground. Imagine waking up to a stunning mountain view, surrounded by trees and breathing in fresh air. Later in the day, you get up and decide to explore nature. As you traverse the hiking trail, you encounter a picturesque waterfall and watch various wildlife from afar. At the end of the day, you cap the experience off with a creekside camp fire. 

Does that sound like something you would enjoy? Away from the city, just absorbing what nature has to give. If it wasn’t enough activity, know that Hillbilly campground is also near Smoky Mountain National Park and Cataloochee Valley – both of which are home to various wildlife. Horseback riding, water rafting, and golfing are also possible activities to satisfy you.

Furthermore, the Maggie Valley campground is walking distance to local shops and tourist spots. You can intersperse your camping getaway trip, with explorations of the local community.

When are you planning for a break?

Camping has a restorative effect on our minds and bodies. If you feel like you’re burning out, it’s always good to take a step back and refresh your mind. Camping is just one way to do that. What could be the harm in trying? Especially when you have amazing choices from the campgrounds in Maggie Valley, NC?

Maggie Valley, NC is the perfect escape is you just want to rest and refresh. You’ll get some sun and breathe in fresh air all with the backdrop of picturesque mountain range in all the campgrounds in Maggie Valley. It’s nearness to other attractions makes it more attractive to people who don’t want to fully go off the grid.

So, are you sold on the idea of camping yet?

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