Campgrounds in Hocking Hills Ohio for RV

Campgrounds in Hocking Hills

Are you tired of always packing your things whenever you plan a camping trip with your family? Do you despair about sitting four hours on end in a cramped space during long drives? Well here’s some things you should know to remedy your situation. 

Let’s say you plan on going to the Hocking Hills Ohio campgrounds. How are you going to get there while avoiding the discomfort described above? Simple. Ever considered going camping with a recreational vehicle (RV)? The guide below has everything you need to know as a beginner.

A Recreational vehicle, abbreviated as RV, is a mode of transportation that also serves as a type of accommodation for camping. The vehicle may be a pop-up trailer, a small van, or a large airstream. You can also either have a towable, motorized, specialty, and park model RV. It allows you to travel without leaving behind the comfort of home.

Of course, there are still considerations in purchasing or renting an RV for your camping trip. First, figure out your budget. How much do you plan to spend on an RV and your camping experience? Are you planning on buying or renting an RV? Have you considered a place to camp in? You should also ask yourself the size of the RV you’ll require. This will depend on how large your group is.

If you have already thought of these things, then you might be ready to camp out with an RV. But first, you have to know why you should camp with an RV.

Why Camp with your RV?

There are many reasons to travel and bond with your friends and family through an RV. New camping experience equals new memories, yes. But are there other practical reasons?

It is a cheap way to travel and camp

An RV allows you to cook and store things in it while camping. This is especially useful when you are camping in a large group or with a family. You do not need to rent accommodation in the campgrounds since you already have a place to stay in and you do not have to eat out since you can cook beside your RV.

Its mobility makes travel easier

RVs give you the freedom to move from one place to another without leaving any essentials behind. It also lets you choose your desired place where you can stay and camp in. This gives your group the freedom to choose the kind of trip you want to be in depending on your wants and needs.

It is accessible and hassle-free

This lets you avoid all the hassle in looking for nearby accommodations in the campgrounds. It also gives you easier access to the things that you will need as your RV will be in the camping ground. Some RVs are equipped with their own restrooms, showers and sinks which makes it easy for campers to stay and camp anywhere.

It makes the campers more comfortable

Comfort is also one of the benefits of camping with an RV especially if you are travelling with children. This gives you the space that you need for sleeping, cooking, and eating. You can also rest whenever and wherever if you need to.

You can make new friends

By travelling with your RV, you will be able to meet other people with the same interest as you. You can also camp in one place and hang out together! This makes the experience more fun and enjoyable.

Would you want to try it? But where exactly would you go? Are there campgrounds in Hocking Hills, Ohio that accommodate RVs?

Best Campgrounds In Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills Ohio features many camping locations for visitors. It is a location with forests, waterfalls, and rock shelters that provides a scenic view for campers and travelers. Several campgrounds in Hocking Hills Ohio provide spaces that accommodate RVs.

Hocking Hills State Park

Located in southeastern Ohio, this 2,356-acre park is full of nearby attractions such as lakes, waterfalls, rock formations, and caves. This campground offers 156 campsites accommodating up to 50 feet long RVs. There are also electric and non-electric sites in this area.

Hocking River RV Park

Is your group into water activities? This area boasts a scenic view of the Hocking River. Visitors may enjoy a number of water activities such as kayaking, fishing, and swimming. It has 29 sites that can accommodate RVs.

Logan/Hocking Hills KOA

This RV resort is only 3 miles away from the Hocking Hills State Park. The RV park accommodates 80-feet RVs with 30- or 50-amp hookups and is complete with necessities such as water, restrooms, and is pet-friendly. You can enjoy many activities such as horseback riding, zipline, and canoeing. You can also swim in their large swimming pool. Also, you can visit Old Man’s Cave and Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.

Rookery Hills

If you want an exclusive place to camp with your group, this camp is for you. This is private and secluded as it only accommodates one RV of any size and they also provide 50-amp electric hookups. Water and sewer are also available. This is near a large fishing pond and the woods. You can also facilitate your own activities in the area.

Campbell Cove Campgrounds

This campground houses 60 campsites surrounded by large trees. It allows for a primitive camping experience and is perfect for a family vacation. It has nearby attractions such as Lake Logan, Ash Cave, and Ceder Falls. Activities such as horseback riding, canopy tours, canoeing, and many more.

Not for RV Camping?

If you still are not sold on the idea of renting or purchasing an RV for camping, you may still opt to camp in a traditional way. The Hocking Hills Ohio have also other campground options for you. Here are some of the campgrounds that do not offer RV areas: Stacked Stones Retreat Campground; Hocking Hills Canoe Livery Camping; Three Reasons Farm Horse Camp; Secluded Sanctuaries Tipis; At Boulders Edge Tipi Retreat; and Big Sycamore Family Campground LLC.

Whether you choose camping in an RV or not, there are lots of ways to camp and travel with your family and friends. There are a number of picturesque views in all the campgrounds in Hocking Hills Ohio where you can reconnect with nature and bond with the people you love.

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