Camper Trailer Towing Tips

camper trailer towing

If you are planning on going away camping with just a few family members, all you will need is a small camper. Many people definitely have their own definition of small campers but as long as you can move about in your own camper and have room to breathe is not too small. Many campers are shaped in such a way that they are not really angular. The reason behind this is to allow for more room as is the perception of many and also make the camper feel like it has a little more extra space. Small campers need to be towed and in this camper trailer towing tips, we will explain some of the best tips that you can successfully tow a small camper without strain.

Choose a small vehicle for towing

It is definitely common sense to know that you need a small vehicle to tow a small camper. If you went ahead to get a large pickup or trailer to tow your camper, you will notice some imbalance when it comes to the movement experienced when towing.

One vehicle cannot be extremely heavier than the other. Other than just experiencing the imbalance, it is also highly likely that you will go through a lot of strain in trying to ensure that the connection between the camper and the towing machine are working in tandem and causing consistent movement.

Position the cargo weight towards the camper’s front

Imagine a situation where you have your vehicle being towed by another large vehicle in a place with so much mud. Depending with how you get to combine the two, you will either have your small vehicle stuck while the towing machine is ready to make progress or the towing machine stuck in the mud meaning no progress at all.

In order to avoid situations such as these, what you will need to do is to ensure that all connections between the camper and the towing machine are causing an equal balance throughput.

Poor connection also may cause the camper to be heavier than the towing machine even when it is the one that needs to be towed. This causes the towing machine to be all over the place while trying to capture the balance.

One way to achieve a stronger connection between your camper and towing machine is to install towbars from SpeedyTowbars.

Carry less in your camper

You would obviously expect that overloading a small camper would make it extremely difficult to tow. If you have to use a towing machine on your camper, ensure that you do not carry a lot of unnecessary stuff in it.

This only help to make the small camper heavier causing a lot of strain when towing. It is very tempting to want to carry a lot of food to eat and water just so you get storing it to avoid a lot of stopping. Food and water are the two things that may end up using all of your camper space.

If you must use the camper and need an easy time while towing, you still need to psychologically prepare to make a few stops to get that which was not able to be stored.

Get used to a slow pace

If you have never done towing before, the first instance will be a bit scary. Towing a vehicle or a camper means that you will not accurately move on the roads that you intend to use, during the time that you will be on transit.

If you must use a towing machine, you need to make sure that you are moving at moderate speeds. The danger of moving too quickly while towing can cause accidents that can be avoided. Most accidents are caused by imbalance or a poor connection that may cause the towing machine and the camper to separate.

If you therefore must use a towing machine, you need to ensure that you get used to slow speeds if only for your safety and that of both the camper and the towing machine.

Know before you go

Before you begin transit, you need to have a little understanding of any experiences that make you nervous while towing. Such instances may include coming across reckless motorists, poorly built road and harsh weather conditions.

All these are dangerous and you need to have a little information beforehand so that you will not endanger your life. Poor roads for instance may tamper with the braking system of the towing machine. Understanding the roads, you will be using will help you know what speeds will be safest to use.

There are times that you will need to use tunnels to get to your next destination. All these should happen without the camper and the towing machine having any issues.

Park carefully

If this had been just one vehicle that needed to be parked while you stepped out of it to take a little break, it means that worrying about fitting it into the assigned parking would not be a problem whatsoever.

However, you now need to remember that you have your little camper and a towing machine attached to it meaning a little more difficulty when parking. Safety is paramount and what you need to ensure is that you do not block any other vehicles that may need to use space that is close to where you are parking.

Poor parking also may cause your little camper to get by a speeding vehicle that may swerve towards the direction of your parking spot.

Use the turn signals often and earlier

Have you driven behind a vehicle that did not give any signals while you were driving behind the vehicle? There is usually so much confusion and it is also highly likely that you will cause an accident while you drive. In case you need to turn, you need to ensure that you are indicating earlier so that the drivers behind you are kept on the know.

It only helps to keep you and other drivers using the same road safe. Indicating earlier also helps drivers who are driving towards you know that you are coming their way and it helps them make room for you to move comfortably.

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