8 Benefits of living in a Mini Moving Home

tiny moving home

If you can’t afford a home but dream of owning a roof under your name, a place that can be called as your own, RV lifestyle is for you. When you want to lead an adventurous and fun-filled life, acquiring an RV is the best option. It is the best way to bond with your near and dear ones when you go on to live inside a cozy camper. If exploring different places is what you dream of while saving on too many hassles, it is a good option for you.

So let’s explore some of the top benefits of living in a tiny motorhome than a static one.

1.     Your Own Home on wheels

Owning an RV is just like owning your own home without sharing any of your walls with noisy neighbors. You would be owing to a house with no mortgage and debts. RV parks tend to have lesser rules and restrictions than apartments and complexes. There would not be any landlord to whom you have to answer. With an RV, you can design your own independent lifestyle.

2.     It comes with a lot of Affordability

Those who aren’t financially capable of buying a large house opt for a tiny one. It saves money, requires less maintenance. RV living helps to gain more life experience. RV lifestyle frees you up to spend on the things you love. Most of the tiny house owners have fewer debts than the other Americans.

3.     Anywhere Anytime

RV living provides incredible freedom to you compare to a bricks house. You can move pretty easily wherever you want to go, without being committed to one place. If you don’t like your place of stay or your neighbors, you can move on.  Camping daily at different places or stay overnight in an RV park, the choice is all yours. You can even change your position within an RV park like when the sun in front of your window is too bright.

The capability of an RV to move anywhere is also very useful in certain situations. Like, if you are working in a town and get another job in some other town, you can move your camper to an RV parking at that place. Or if you don’t like the weather of the place you are at, you can easily move to another location that has more pleasant weather. Like in the summer when it’s hot, you can go north or to the closest mountain place.

4.     Lesser cuts on pockets due to Lower Bills

As a full-time RVer most of the time you don’t have to pay rent. The only time you will be paying rent is when you’re staying in an RV park. You can easily find a list of places on the internet where you can stay overnight without paying anything for parking or camping.

A lot of people pay a huge amount of property tax. With a moving home, you won’t be paying property taxes. However, you have to renew your license plates, but the charges are significantly lower than property taxes.

5.     Less Materialism

You will be spending lesser bills than a house bought with borrowed money. Tiny homes have room only for the essentials. You will be more efficient with your needs and would be buying stuff which is really important to you. RV living allows you to achieve your financial goal early and easily.

6.     Traveling Benefits

When you travel by your car or fly to someplace, you don’t have the pleasures or conveniences that you are accustomed to at home. With an RV, you are still at your home where everything is familiar to you. You can pull over your vehicle anytime anywhere like to a Gas Station, Walmart or a McDonald’s. You won’t be paying anything for lodging, car rentals or airfare. It even saves traveling time as you don’t have to wait for delayed flights or security checks.

With this tiny home, you can move across the country and you never have to pack or unpack anything. Also, it saves you from bedbugs at some random hotel as you travel. If one of your life goals is to travel, this lifestyle is made for you.

7.     Scenery

As they say, variety is the spice of life. Imagine being able to see the wonderful things each day by just stepping outside your home and walking right into it. Living in a moving home enables you to experience what nature has to offer. This lifestyle allows you to wake up to different scenery every single day. You won’t be seeing same scenery every day when you walk out of your door. If you get tired of a particular scenery, moving to some other place is pretty easy.

You will see the sites which you would not have seen if you have just stayed for a weekend. While there will always be challenges, but RV living will make you feel more alive, relaxed and escaped from day to day hectic stuff. It will bring independence, happiness, and contentment in your life.

8.     Environment-Friendly

Tiny home consumes less electricity and creates less waste. They can be built with lesser material consumption. With an RV lifestyle, you will be reducing your overall carbon footprint. With a global crisis due to pollution and unsustainable lifestyle, adopting an eco-friendly way of living is the need of the hour.

As we discussed there are countless benefits for you to gain if you start living in a small camper. Though there are problems faced by most as we prefer a stable place to live in and are reluctant to such changes. There may be issues due to the job or profession you are involved in, which might hamper your wish to go for embracing the RV living. Despite some cons, this way of living is a life-turning experience for most.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an RV and travel around the country now in your perfect mini home.

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