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RV Interior

When you get a new RV for yourself it mostly comes ready with all the interiors and facilities. But at a point in time the assembly-line, monotonous look does not feel homely. We need to inculcate changes from time-to-time to the interiors as they tend to get rusty and worn out. There is an amazing range of styles available now for your RV interior as per the size of your RV and the budget you have allocated.

Interior Designer For Small Space

Many of the interior designing firms are now venturing into creating special designs for mobile spaces. Having decent insides for your camper is now becoming necessary because even if you plan to rent or sell the RV, an outmoded RV will hardly get any bidders for a reasonable price.

According to the different color combinations, textures, materials, and structural design, there are hundreds of variants on the platter for you to choose from. It’s important for you to see your RV as a blank canvas and imagine what exact look is desirable for you. You can always acquire professional assistance if you need an extensive overhaul. Further, there are even small easy projects for you to execute.

Here we present before you some popular design ideas to give a fresh perspective to your Mobile-Home.

Contemporary RV Décor Style

Usually involves keeping as much open space in the room as possible and not cluttering with too much furniture. It is the current design style and includes the use of plenty of light, straight lines, wood, and glass.

Major elements of this style

  • Open floor plans
  • Use natural light as much as possible
  • Neutral colors
  • Metal accent pieces
  • Textured natural fabrics
  • Very light or darker color tone of the wood

Traditional Interior style

This design type has its roots from the old-school European style of interiors and now named as “The Traditional style”. It will help to give a classic look to your RV especially if you are fond of the European royal look.

Major elements of this style

  • A reflection of European décor idea
  • Intricate molding and wood paneling
  • Elegant and antique furnishings
  • Forming pairs of furniture and accessories
  • A neutral palette which includes vibrant colors for furniture and accent pieces
  • High-end textiles used like silk, velvet, cashmere fabrics like cotton or linen
  • Sophisticated patterns used in titles and wood floors

It is surely a good choice if you are a fan of European architecture.

Modern Interior designs

It has a somber look to it. Many people prefer this style with some mixture of rustic and traditional décor styles to add some warmth to the overall look. It is generally executed with moderations to materials, angles, and lines.

Key attributes of this design style

  • Intentional addition of asymmetry
  • No clutter and chaos
  • Ornamental look excluded
  • Neutral and primary colors with bold color contrasts
  • Geometric patterns are used
  • Furnishings with clean lines, basic shapes, and material made up of metal, chrome and are streamlined with a smooth, sleek and polished surface
  • Artistic pieces rather than the use of just normal home accessories

You can use this design idea if you want a posh look to your RV.

A shabby-chic style for your RV

Chic is one of an in-trend style option due to the popularity of vintage and DIY decors. It is a mix of crafty and unusual elements that people like which includes floral prints, whitewashed floors, and distressed furniture pieces…especially prevalent due to DIY projects being adopted by many.

Key attributes of this design style

  • It has a feminine, soft vibe to it
  • Vintage fabrics and objects
  • Painted furnishings
  • Whitewashed flooring
  • Pale color palettes
  • Floral design

 You can go for a chic style if you like some funky, quirky feel around you.

Industrial design for a redefined camper

The industrial design gained popularity in the 1990s as North Americans started living in multi-unit residential buildings made after converting old manufacture facilities and warehouses.

It involves preserving much of the old wiring, beams exposed.

Key attributes of this design style

  • A mix of gray and rustic colors
  • Light fixtures and metal finishing
  • Use of old-style factory pieces
  • Concrete colored flooring
  • Wood and metal surfaces
  • Functional objects

This is a rather different design idea which has started gaining popularity since the last two decades.

Beautiful Beach Style

If you love the salty sea vibes, this décor idea is for you. It uses a lot of light colors with splashes of bright shades such as navy blue. Your RV will feel just beach ready with this décor. Loads of natural light, nautical symbols such as dark wood and designs of boats on your wall can be used. Cane or bamboo colored furniture.

Key attributes of this design style

  • Light and breezy designs
  • Nautical theme
  • Use colors of sand, shells, and surf
  • White backdrop is adopted
  • Beds with natural oak frames
  • Window coverings

Asian touch to your RV

A style inspired the ancient continent of Asia; it has elements influenced by the likes of Chinese, Indian and Persian designs and patterns. You can use this style for your RV if you want something unconventional.

Key attributes of this design style

  • Asymmetrical designs
  • Tables like alcoves
  • A lot of references to nature
  • Chinese inspirations
  • Simplicity in each thing
  • Use of Japanese tokonoma
  • Clean lines and circular motif
  • Chinese style curtains and door panels

 Try some Asian style of life inside your camper.

Ready for some Rustic style

One of the influential styles is the Rustic inspired decor. The designs are adapted from that of the natural woods and stones. 

Key attributes of this design style

  • Usage of reclaimed wood inside
  • Stones inspired wall design
  • Wooden flooring
  • Sheepskins and neutral colored fabrics
  • Handcrafted items

If you love the countryside aura, this design is ideal for your RV. Enjoy some pastoral beauty.

Finally, go and décor

There is an array of furniture options inspired by each of the interior design styles discussed above. From the sleeping area to the kitchen, you can design them easily as per the style you select. You can even take a combination of two or more design styles if you like.

What are you waiting for? Change your old RV interiors with a lively set of design ideas.

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