Brace your RV Against Winters with the Best Portable Heaters


As your RV starts getting clad in snow indicating winter has arrived, you need to save yourself from the freezing cold. Portable electric heaters are a saviour for you. This winter, ask Santa to gift you an amazing portable heater to keep you warm with a nice hot chocolate to savour.

Why Portable Heaters are the best option?

Portable Heaters are in vogue among the RV clan. They are the go-to option as you have many benefits to gain from them as stated below:

  • Focused Heat
  • Less cuts on your pocket
  • Wide array to choose from
  • Dry heat leading to reduced moisture and condensation
  • Easily transferable from your RV to your “sticks and Bricks” house

Confused about which Portable Electric Heater will be best suited for you?

First, keep in mind the following things when you considering getting one for your RV:

  • Your Budget
  • Power and Fuel Availability
  • Available space inside your RV
  • The Extremity of winters you will experience

My Pick of the Top five Portable Heaters

Now let us take a ride through the most sought for portable electric heaters in the market. Most buyers review these heaters to be among the best.

Lasko 755320 Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

More than a century old company, Lasko’s range of space heaters are ranked in many Customers good books. The specific model Lasko 755320 is a best seller on e-commerce sites. It has a digital display and is preferable for use in larger spaces. Safety issues are addressed by protection against overheating and a properly insulated outer surface.

With adjustable high and low heat options and a built-in timer, it does not come with a very high price tag. Handy with a Wireless remote control device you can control its Oscillation, temperature and set up a timer sitting at leisure or while driving, making it an “RV friendly” appliance. Packed with a futuristic design and features, the device at times is prone to certain issues like the melting of its plastic cover with increased usage and the exterior getting heated up despite its claims of built-in safety features.

Despite certain issues with few customers collectively, it is a good choice for you to put your faith in and enjoy the warmth it has to offer.

Brightown ETL Listed Ceramic Portable Heater

Another option eligible to be added to your shopping cart is this model with notable traits to tackle the cold. It is energy efficient and comes with triple temperature settings- high, normal and low Heat and a thermostat regulator. Its power usage ranges from 750 watts to 1500 watts as per the required temperature.

Energy efficiency leads to lesser electricity consumption and saves your valuable fuel in the RV. It is best suited for medium-sized spaces. Designed to include a carrying handle, makes it more amiable. This heater comes with an auto-shutdown option if it gets overheated. It comes at a very affordable charge and a 1-year quality guarantee .Avoid usage in wet or damp places which can cause corrosion of the heating element.

Get a Brightown Heater to brighten the snowy weather.

Dr.Infrared Portable Heater

The “Doctor among Heaters” to cure your cold in winters, this model has a classic vintage look to it and has the ability to heat even large spaces. It has an automatic energy saving technology, built-in with tip-over protection and alterable temperature options.

With the same consumption parameters, it delivers 60 percent more heat than other heaters. Thus, Dr. Infrared Heater is an eco-friendly option. It is hefty in terms of both weight and price in comparison to other models which poses as a drawback for it.

Largely, it can be said that “Dr. Infrared” solves your cold crisis in no time.

Amazon Basics Oscillating Ceramic Portable Heater

A product created by a trustworthy brand, this Amazon basics heater is a good combo with both the adjustable thermostat and oscillation features. It has High, Low and Fan only output settings to offer along with ETL listing and power indicator light. It comes with enhanced savings through reduced use of both energy and money.

For your safety, it has a tip-over switch and automatic shut off the option to prevent excess heat damage. This heater also has a carrying handle to make it very convenient to carry. Kindly avoid usage in damp and wet zones of your RV.

This Amazon Basics Portable heater is adept to amaze all RV users.

OPOLAR Space Heater Electric Indoor Portable

With a compact size, this heater has a stainless steel finish making it durable for users. A sturdy handle and rounded bumpers make it a good companion. It comes with an interesting capability of adjustable power consumption of 1200 watts for low heat and 1500 watts for high-temperature needs.

The safety aspect includes a “Caution” light which alerts about excess heating up of the device. The thermostat control helps to maintain desirable temperatures inside your RV. In remote cases, it poses a danger of electrocution if not used with care.

It’s overall a good bargain to get a OPolar Electric Heater for a cosy season inside your RVs.

Fellows you can choose any of the above appliances. But, do keep in mind that portable heaters do not have a very large heat output. They are mostly not boon-docking friendly and can lead to fire hazards from reckless use. Inept to provide basement heat they will not save your water pipes from the freezing cold. With these ultimate alternatives at your disposal, go grab a nice portable heater and relax yourselves while experiencing “Warm Winters” inside your RV.

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