RV Bathroom: How to Make the Most of It


RV bathrooms are notoriously small. How do you make the most of the small RV bathroom? Come along with me, and you’ll find out!

Tips and Tricks

First of all, you want to keep as much off the ground as possible to maximize your few square feet of space. One solution is to hang a tension rod in the toilet room up high. This can stretch between the two walls toward the edge of bathroom wall so you can hang towels and also hang a small caddy for hair tools like a curling iron and brush. You can also hang a tension rod up in the shower kind of close to the wall to hang your wet towels and caddy with shower supplies and loofas. This is another spot where it’s handy to have a shelf liner on the floor to keep a caddy with shampoo and conditioner so they don’t fall over while traveling. Keep a small stool on hand in the bathroom to serve multiple purposes, such as reaching supplies on the mounted tension rod, or to use as a footstool at the potty.

My mom’s RV toilet is quite tall, so this is helpful for them. There are collapsible stool options that can be stored flat against the wall on a hook. Wall storage is your friend! You can also mount a blow dryer holder to the wall under the sink. Similar types of containers can be attached to the wall for hand soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes or anything you reach for often. it is important to use good hygiene and to sanitize the room often. Our family keeps a laundry hamper in the shower while driving. This acts as its home while we’re on the road, and when we arrive, it moves to a corner in the bedroom.

Another helpful tip is to plug in a motion sensor light that will activate when you enter the room. This is especially helpful as motorhome bathrooms do not usually have a window and are dark. You can do a simple upgrade to your cabinetry and affix self-closing hinges, as well as magnetized locks so the doors remain shut while traveling. Another upgrade option is to switch out the toilet for a porcelain toilet—the switch from plastic to porcelain can be a little challenging, but it will work if the bolt patterns line up.

RV Bathroom Hacks

Proper Care

It is important to note that an RV toilet leads black water to a holding tank underneath the unit, where it will stay until you reach a dumping station. Because of this, you’ll need a special kind of toilet paper made specifically for RVs that dissolves. There are also special deodorizing tablets that can be purchased to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. You can use them whenever you clean out the tank, or on an as needed basis. And since the whole family will be using the same small space for all their personal needs, it is important to use good hygiene and to sanitize the room often.

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