RV Alarm System: 19 Simple Hacks and Guides

RV Alarm System


Is RV alarm system necessary? Most campers are very trusting and feel a sense of community among fellow campers. They look out for each other. However, this same trusting nature may be the very thing that makes break-ins easier. And your home on wheels is a pretty big investment — you’ll want to protect it. Travelers also tend to pack pretty valuable items for trips from camping equipment to electronics to toys and gadgets, and when you add it all up it could total thousands of dollars. It makes sense to try to protect all of your possessions.

Not to mention, the safety of your precious loved ones and yourself while you’re out exploring new territory. An RV alarm system can give you the peace of mind you need. Consider some of the following options for your own vehicle. Depending upon the way you travel and the things you take with you, one form of security might be best for you.

Types of RV Alarm System

Some Class A RVs might come with an alarm, though this is something that can be purchased separately. There are options for systems that monitor the windows and doors that detect movement, and you can set it while you’re away or sleeping. There are also motion sensor systems that can monitor the perimeter of your campsite like a virtual fence. This will trigger and warn you any time someone is approaching your vehicle. The problem you may face with this alarm is that you’ll receive false warnings from people unintentionally stepping foot over the line or from little critters going by.

One system uses old smart phones in the place of a security camera to save you money.  Some have various amounts of battery life and some have a monthly fee associated with them since they use 4G data. Many systems have an app so you can monitor your RV from afar; you will have video footage, live audio, and even know the temperature inside your vehicle.

Of course, you can also have a fully integrated system similar to what you might have in your home. This includes protection from burglars and even smoke detectors.

19 Simple Hacks for RV Alarm System

Additional Protection along with your RV Alarm System

One obvious but sometimes forgotten keys to safety is using all your locks! Lock your doors, as well as the baggage container locks. There is also a lock you can purchase to make it so the wheels can’t move. Another option is to retrofit the exterior of your RV with motion sensor lights to deter burglars. There are also carbon monoxide and propane monitors that give extra protection.

Many of these systems can be connected to your smartphone, so you’ll receive a notification if the alarm has been triggered. As you make plans for your next RV adventure, consider what measures you might take to increase security. Having more than one level of security is the best option so you have added safety and protection for your valuables. Knowing you have protection will give you peace of mind when you leave your RV to explore and play.

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