RV Roof Maintenance: 17 Simple Guide

RV Roof Maintenance


What could be more enjoyable while camping than to snuggle in bed listening to the rain hitting the roof right above you? That is, until a something drip, drip, drips down onto you. A leaky unit is the last thing you want to deal with while traveling. So here’s a simple guide on RV Roof Maintenance.

Prepping for your RV Roof Maintenance

Maintenance on your RV roof is always important. My dad and my grandpa were both RV owners and had some interesting experiences trying to take care of their RVs. Years ago, Grandpa decided to try this new coating he had heard about which helps protect the roof. So he was planning on climbing on top of his super tall Class A motorhome to put down a coat of it. Well my dad could not see him doing that, so he offered to do it for him.

Grandpa ended up climbing up there with him anyway, being that kind of man that likes to do it himself, and the two of them painted the protectant on top. My dad always wondered how that little ladder could hold his body weight as he climbed, but it always did. Prepping the roof for such procedures presents challenges, including scraping off the dead bugs and bird poop, removing large June bugs, dropping tools, and cramping legs while crouching up on the roof. Sound like fun yet?

17 RV Roof Maintenance Tips

Different RV Roof, Different Maintenance Style

Now that I’ve mentioned walking on the RV roof, I must point out that some RV roofs are not meant to be walked on, and you can check the owner’s manual to find whether or not they fall into this category. You will need to use a long-handled brush and place a ladder next to the vehicle if the roof is not meant to support your body weight. Regularly cleaning the roof of leaves and sap will preserve the life of the roof. It’s also important to check the seal around the vents to make sure everything is in good shape and leak-proof. The sealants I have mentioned can come with a warranty, which is an added protection to you.

My dad also told another story of a time when we were traveling and the roof leaked on us. Dad had to climb up on the roof when we got home and peel off all the caulking with a putty knife in the warm sun. He added new caulking to seal all areas of the vents and the RV aircon unit. If he had maintained the roof as directed, it would have saved the trouble and also prevented the stains on the ceiling.

Follow the Manual

One should always follow the owner’s manual, and take every precaution to be safe in the maintenance of your RV and never allow anyone who doesn’t have the maturity level to handle these situations. Proper attire, and footwear when cleaning the roof is critical in your safety as the roof may be hot or slippery when on top. If you are unsure of your own ability, taking the RV in to a certified RV roof maintenance or repair shop may be a safe bet. Always use good judgement before moving forward.

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