20 Best Teardrop Trailer Interior


While many trailers, campers and conversion vans are getting bigger and more luxurious, the teardrop trailer has remained the same ever since its introduction back in the 1940. Ever since the day it was introduced the teardrop trailer has remained one of the most indispensible camping trailer thanks to its practicality and affordability. The smaller and lighter shape of the teardrop trailer can sometimes feel a bit tiny and cramped, but it also has its advantages as it’s quite flexible and maneuverable behind your vehicle.

Most people who are unfamiliar with teardrops trailer would think that due to its small size the trailer acts a cabin with bedding, storage and maybe even an entertainment system like a TV or Laptop. Well this is where most people are wrong and we’ll provide you with some innovative and luxury teardrop trailer designs that really raise the bar for this little camper type.

Best Interior for Teardrop Trailer

The Slide-out interior design

The Gudget’s Teardrop trailer is a perfect example of utilizing every inch of free space available. The Campers slide out module provides space for a seated lounge with a foldable bench which can be folded into a queen-sized bed and a deployable table which can act as a lounging area for eating or a workable desk. The teardrop innovative design doesn’t stop there as the sliding hardware is not only implemented in the cabin area. The slide out module also extends in the tailgate galley of the vehicle keeping everything neat and organized.  The main counter of the galley features a glass-top sink which is hooked up to a pressurized cold water system and a 40 liter waste water tank. Another addition to the galley of the trailer are its two gas burner cooktops and a slide out cooler from underneath the counter. But the Gudgets innovative design doesn’t stop there as the trailer has an entertainment center unlike any other. The entertainment center consists of a rotating TV one side while on the other a stereo system with built-in speakers.

Beans wooden interior design

The Bean trailer founded and designed by Mark Harling and brings a whole new level of luxury and innovation to the table. The trailer teardrop shape is built unlike any other, using a powder-coated tubular steel frame and fiberglass teardrop shell. The small and compact design provides sleeping space for two people and a tailgate galley kitchen accessible from the outside. The main area of the trailer features a lounging area with a foldable sofa, which can be transformed into a queen sized bed in a matter of seconds. The Bean also features an integrated floor storage, cabinets and shelves made out of real wood veneer and  a convenient cup holder. Another edition to the amenities of the trailer is the accent lighting, Bluetooth speakers and custom Maharam upholstery for the furniture. The tailgate section of the trailer features a standard galley kitchen with a laminate countertop with a glass-top sink and an AC outlet. The kitchen also includes a slide out cooler tray, propane stove and a pass-through window.

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