25 Best Glamper Camper Ideas


If you happen to own an Airstream or is you’re just the type of person who takes pleasure in reading Camper blogs, then there’s a slight chance you might be a glamper. But what defines the word glamper or glamping as an adjective? Glamping is a combination of glamour and camping and in short terms it basically means luxury camping.

What makes a Camper a Glamper?

Comfort is a number one priority in a glamper, so be creative fancy and dare yourself to make the most out of your camper and transform your camper into a small hotel room with all the luxuries at your disposal. Elegance is also another key ingredient in what makes your ordinary camper into a glamper, and I know you might think that elegance is hard to come by when camping in a aistreamer or caravan. So in order to achieve this elegant twist you’ll need pops of color and texture. We’ll provide some interesting glamour ideas that will convert your regular camper into a 5 star hotel in the woods.

Best Glamper Camper Ideas


The first thing you’ll notice entering any camper is probably the flooring, and it seems pretty much essential that you will need to act here first. Depending on the style you want to go from here it’s necessary to make the right choice of flooring. Sticky Vinyl planks are an economical option and really work best on flat and smooth surface which is ideal for a camper. Another superb and more luxury option for a campervan is wooden laminate. The laminate is not only waterproof, but it’s easier to clean and maintain which makes it a more suitable option.


If can’t stand the flooring of your campervan and replacing it is not an option, than why not add some lovely fabric under your tows? Rugs are not just for your home, you can order customizable rugs from Home Depot with your preferable choice in fabric and color.


Another way of covering something ugly in your caravan is with paint. But repainting your entire camper is a ton of work, so work around the idea of what puts an accent to your interior and go from there. Ann old fashionable white works best for the cabinets, for some fixtures that need a little more detail and shine metallic paint is the answer.


Adding more pillows will not only increase the comfort level of bedding but it will provide a more elegant feel to the whole interior around it. Instead of purchasing new pillows for your redecorations throw the seasons change the skin of them with new upholstery fabrics that will provide a more fresher look.


Blankets will not only increase the coziness of your camper, mixing and matching the colors, patterns and texture in your living and dining areas will provide a more glamping feel to the interior.

China and Glassware

If you are going to travel and sleep like a glamper you might as well dine like one. Your China doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be more glamorous, instead choose a silverware suitable for your surroundings.  However traveling with china and glass in your kitchen cabinets can be a little risky, make sure to always carry plastic creates and bubble wrap for safe keeping.

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