25 Awesome Box Truck Conversion Ideas


If you are the kind of person who likes the idea of camping then you should think of ways to that can make your camping life less of a hustle. A box truck can really offer you many benefits that ordinary recreational vehicles won’t. Box truck campers are more spacious and therefore will offer you the much needed space you will need while you are out there camping with your family. Box truck campers come in different sizes and styles there are also those that feature long-beds and those that feature short-beds.

Now with the many benefits that a box truck can offer you we are going to take you through some awesome box truck conversion ideas that can help you get started.

My Box Truck Conversion Ideas

Step by Step Conversion Ideas

1. Draw a sketch/Layout planning

This is the first but very important step in your journey to convert a box truck into a great camping vehicle. For you to succeed in this you will need to arm yourself with pencil and pieces of plain papers where you will draw your sketch. You will then sketch the interior space on the truck body. It could just be a simple rectangle shape that indicates the length and the width of the interior of the tuck’s body. As you do this pay attention of the position of the side door if there is one. It is this drawing that you will use in designing the layout of your camper truck and easily plan where the bedroom, bathroom, and eating area will be.

You can then walk into the inside of the truck and mark lines on the floor to coincide with the location of the walls you have drawn in your plan. You will also draw the outline of the main features of your camper such as the closets, the bed, fixtures in the bathroom, and the dining area. To help make things seamless for you, you will have to mark lines to be able to match the dimensions of the real furniture and the relevant fixtures that you will have installed in your box truck camper. This will help alleviate for you the possibility of inaccurate measurements that you may encounter when actual construction will be taking place.

2. The design process

The designing of the box truck may be the most challenging part for you in your conversion process especially if you are a complete novice. For you to get through this step well without hustling so much you may want to get some box truck conversion ideas from friends or family who have done it before. If they got the experience they should be able to give some great ideas that will help you get started in the design process. Another great resource that you can also rely on is the Internet where they are lots of varied box truck designs that you can ultimately choose one that impresses you.

As you design your box truck please ensure that you only do the designing as per your wants and unique needs. A good rule of the thumb usually is to go for a minimalist and simplistic design that will not get you stuck in the middle of your design process.

3. Materials needed in the build process

Your work will mostly involve suing lots of wood products and particularly ply wood which will be needed for the partitions, flooring, and making of cubicles and other related compartments within the box truck. Other important material that you will certainly need to have includes; screws, hinges, and a carpet. Of course you will also need to have tools that you will use which are; a hammer, a drill, a staple gun and miter screws.

4. The actual build process

This is also another important and intensive process where you will be building the box truck into a mobile tiny home that you will be using to travel on the roads to your camping trips. It actually involves joining of the different parts together to come up with the finished camper that you are actually striving to achieve. If you are not that skilled at doing carpentry work you can enlist the help of experienced carpenters knowledgeable in box truck conversion ideas.

As good rule it is best to use wood on the flooring because wood is actually a good insulating material that will help to protect your feet from the extreme changes in temperature. You will also use wood to make the kitchen cabinets where you will store your kitchen supplies and utensils. Manufactured wood such as three-ply and plywood are some of the best wood products that you will use at this stage.

As you build the box truck just ensure that you balance everything well in the truck in such a way that not too much weight is placed on one side of the truck. For instance if you are seeking to have two beds put in the truck, it may be best if you balance the two to be opposite each other. The kitchen can be placed on the left side while the bathroom can be placed on the right side of the vehicle. This way you will have greatly balanced the tuck well so that weight will be evenly distributed. The advantage of an even weight distribution in the truck is that it will be more stable and thus safe and comfortable on the road.

Final words

In the past most recreational vehicle lovers overlooked the many benefits that converting box truck in campers for a number stories which weren’t true. Today there are so many amazing box truck campers you will find out there in the roads. The benefit of having a box truck for a camper is that they offer much more space for installing additional amenities needed when out traveling on your tiny home. While minivans offer more versatility in terms of maneuverability they are usually too small to accommodate the many facilities that a box truck can accommodate.

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