24 Amazing Luxury Rv


Many people in the world share a similar idea of packing things up heading on a life time adventure, but few are willing to make that sacrifice and actually do it. Investing in a Recreational Vehicle RV is becoming more and more popular in recent times, whether it’s due to the cheaper travelling costs or maybe source of nostalgia from childhood memories going on holidays or camping trips. Today’s RV however go in all shapes and sizes, unlike in past times when it was the standard package that often lead to being cramped with several family members.

Brand new RV models or some vintage older models are given an extra luxury touch that separates them from the rest. The interior design goes so far that it can be classified as a yacht on wheels. Here are some of the most innovative designs out there.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior by Marchi Mobile Vienna

We begin our list with the Elemment Pallazzo Superior designed by Marchi Mobile Vienna was introduced in 2014 and still hold the throne for most luxurious mobile home in the world. The technological innovation and the interior design are unmatchable when it comes from the world of motor sports, yachting and aviation.  The exterior curved lines of this masterpiece come from the idea of racing cars and a windshield of the vehicle is inspired by helicopters, it is truly a beauty ahead of its time.

The main living space features a 4m extendable sofa and bar, not only that but the RV includes a fully stocked kitchen, a separate bedroom with a king sized bed manufactured by the same company that supplies the bedding for the Royal British Family. It’s basically a home away from home, and a much better one may I add. Well it wouldn’t be a 5 star hotel if it didn’t feature a spa with a 1.5sm rain shower and light therapy. The most significant feature of the Ellement is probably the roof of the RV, which extends at the press of a button, converting itself to a sky lounge.

Amazing Luxury RV Decor

Liberty Coach Elegant Lady

Well the name speaks for itself on this superb RV model, the shire size of the vehicle makes it look like a palace on wheels. It features one of the most superb interior designs built on a 2017 Prevost H3-45 platform. The platform is recognized as the finest conversion coach in the entire industry, offering some of the most advanced features and elegance available in today’s market.

Anderson Mobile Estate

Well the Anderson is in a league of its own, the vehicle is made from scratch meaning from the ground up and each interior is designed by the client’s specific tastes. The company has a record of building the largest and outlandish motorhomes featuring even an expandable second story. It basically a house on wheels, one of the company’s most popular mobile homes is Will Smiths behemoth trailer named “The Heat.” The interior options for the vehicle are endless, and it can feature several bedrooms a working desk, several bathroom, a full sized kitchen and living room.

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