22 Skoolie School Bus RV Conversion Homes


A school bus conversion is no simple task to take in consideration, taking in mind all the researching, planning and financial preparations prior to starting the project. Financial expenses are probably the most crucial thing to take into consideration when converting a school bus. If you are somewhat financially prepared and have the required tool knowledge for the conversion, we will provide you with a necessary guideline for the school conversion bus cost.

Choosing a bus to live in

The biggest investment of the project in most cases is at the very beginning. Be picky and take your time when choosing the right school bus for your conversion project, after all you’ll be living in it in a matter of time. Facebook and Craglist are probably your best choice of finding a retired Cheavy in solid and usable condition. Negotiating a low as possible price settlement is crucial for your buss conversion, you can bargain your way in settling for a lower price over the mileage, the condition of the engine, the body work, tire wear, electrical wiring and ground clearance of the bus. An estimate cost for the buss purchase and restoration should be roughly around 10.000$.

Designing layout

Every bus conversion is different, and it relies on the needs and desires of an individual or family. But taking into consideration the basics here are some tips on how to organize your personal living space.

  • Separate your bathroom and bedroom from the rest of the living area using curtains or even doors.
  • An open plan kitchen and lounging area.
  • As much storage as possible without sacrificing floor space
  • Solar power with a hot water system will be a great investment.
  • At least 2 sleeping quarters for family bigger of 3.

Skoolie School Bus Conversion

Miscellaneous Supplies and Paint

Insulation is another crucial factor to take into consideration when building your conversion bus, applying several layers with sheep wool in the hard to get places is recommended. The cost of the insulation with the caulking, hardware should not cost you more than a 1000$. Another way to save a lot of money is to do the paintjob yourself using a spray gun and the cost of it will barely reach you 600$

Solar Power

Solar Power is a crucial investment and one you’ll never regret. If you are limited with your financial budget, going with a tiny house solar kit which consist of two 300W solar panels, one or two 400ah AGM battery banks and power invertor. This will be more than enough for all your battery appliances, lights, refrigerator, stove and the rest of the usable sockets and should cost you anywhere from 3800$ to 4000$.

Plumbing and Hot Water System

Building a full functional bathroom in your bus should be another top priority in your conversion project. I recommend installing a composting toilet which is odorless due to its power fan and should cost around 1000$. Mounting the hot water system and plumbing by yourself can be tricky so don’t hesitate on calling a professional if you lack knowledge and experience in this field. The Hot Water system consist of a Hot Water Heater worth 250$, propane regulator which you can find for a cheap price of 20$, Water pump 70$ and two water tanks for fresh and waste water 150$ each, you can purchase a faucet and sprayer at your local supply shop for around 70$.

Kitchen Appliances, Fixtures and Furniture.

When you reach this section, you are probably seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The Kitchen appliances like the refrigerator, stove and butane cooktops should cost around 250$. Upholstery fabric for the curtains, furniture and cushions is variable with a cost ranging anywhere from 200$ to 400$. A king sized mattress for your main sleeping quarters will cost you 500-600$.

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