21 Campervan Bed Design Ideas

Campervan Bed


A campervan gives you the opportunity of packing everything up and hitting the road on a lifetime journey or just a regular camping trip in the comfort of your van. Camping in your campervan means that you’ll be spending a good portion of your time sleeping in your camper so the bed is an essential part of any campervan and in most cases a starting point for the interior design of the van.

Aside from being comfortable your bed has to be practical since you are dealing with little to no space considering the other priorities for the van. And let’s not forget about the storage of the van, the storage area of the camper usually works best with the bed platform combined. Living or camping in a conversion van means storage is something you can never get enough of. Whether you are looking for a permanent platform fix or something more flexible, we will provide you with some unique and practical inspirations for your bedding.

Smart Campervan Bed Design

The Platform Bed

The platform is one of the most standard and practical bed designs for any type of campervan out there. The platform is built from several pre made wooden stats and fixed into place at the rear of the campervan. What makes it ideal for conversion vans, is the large storage area underneath the bedding, which the platform provides.

The Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are another smart, practical and fun bedding option for your campervan. If your van has a high enough ceiling, building several bunk beds which can be fixed in place in the ceiling and floor of the campervan.

The Sofa Bed Design

This is another common design for campers. The Sofa Bed has a multi-purpose design in which, in which the original bed can be re-organized and deployed into a sofa for sitting. The bottom of the sofa is built using a slat system with cushions and upholstery as the primary contributors for comfort. The design is pretty much straight forward and has a modular setup with single or double bed configurations.

The Drop Down Table Bed

The Drop Down Table bed is one of the more unique designs on the list. This design features a foldable table which can be dropped down and arranged into a bed along with the rest of the bench. With its dual purpose designs, this table slash bed is certainly a great way to get the most out of what little space you have to work with.

A hammock

A detachable hammock will save you plenty of living space in your camper van and can also act as a secondary bed. I recommend using toggles when mounting the hammock and be sure to attach it to the strongest part of your campervan with heavy duty eye bolts and D shackles.

The Murphy Bed

Another way to save precious floor space is the murphy bed, which is a pull down wall bed which can be hinged at the floor of the caravan and stored vertically. This bed designs is one of the cleanest and most organized one.

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