21 Cargo Trailer Conversion Ideas


If you are planning on buying a caravan trailer but don’t want to blow a fortune on it then why not embark on a cargo trailer conversion project into a caravan. Now this may seem like a difficult task to overtake, but don’t get scared that easily. With just a simple plan and your basic tools you can transform it into a full functional enclosed cargo trailer to suit all your basic needs, assuming you are not a full time RV extremist. Most trailers are surprisingly spacious considering the fact that some have a 7 foot height, being cramped won’t be an issue.

Benefits of converting

Pre-made trailer made by the RV industry are keen on the eye, but they lack efficiency and overall are not really good camping machines. The reason for this is that their buyers mainly consist of regular campers and not serious outdoorsman. With a range variety in color schemes and excess appliances this results in an overly priced camping retreat.

Do it yourself?

So it’s best to start with a pencil and a blank piece of paper think then decide what you would like to implement in your cargo trailer conversion. The do-it-yourself approach would not only save you money, but it will make your camp a lot more simpler, easy to repair and the lighter weight of the camp will give you the flexibility of towing it with your regular pick up track or van and the opportunity to camp in a wider variety of locations.

Cargo Trailer Conversion Ideas

Building your trailer

Now a regular cargo trailer costs around 2500-4000$ which includes a standard RV side door, a ramp and 15 inch tires. Another advantage over the travel trailers is the rather low ground clearance of the caravans which will obstructs you from towing it on to any beaten up path.  By installing a straight axel and switching to bigger wheels you increase the clearance of the trailer.

Beside replacing the regular door with an RV one, push out windows are highly recommended, considering the fact that you are probably going to be spending more time cooking inside than outdoors. Adding a couple of layers of insulation panels should be your next step because in the winter it keeps the heat in and in the summer it keeps it out. Along with a generator, solar panels with an upscale battery pack for the burners, AC/DC and refrigerator. Using a composite toilet is ideal, meaning you can stay out as long as your water supply lasts. Arranging the living space is totally up to you, if you lack creativity above are some ideas of cargo trailer conversion, but make sure to put only the essentials you don’t want to overdue it.

Safety firsts!

Assuming you aren’t an electrician I would recommend hiring a RV mechanic or local labor worker for the electrical installation mounting and wiring of the junction box. The plumbing should also be addressed by a professional. All the windows should be push out from the inside in case of a fire consider adding a smoke detector and carbon monoxide monitor.


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