24 Best Camper Redo

Camper Redo


Camping in an RV is becoming more and more appealing for people who like the comfort of their home while they are traveling. Camping has improved drastically over the last decades, as more and more people are bringing their indoor comfort and luxuries to the outdoor, thus creating a movement in the camping world called “glamping” which stands for glamorous camping. As Glamping is taking a rise in the camping community, camper redo’s are becoming more and more frequent, cause let’s face it whoever is designing the interior of the camper has little to no experience in living in them. Now doing a Camper redo does not necessarily mean you’ll have to do a complete overhaul of the inside and outside of the camper, as you can make a huge impact and difference on the interior of your camper with small and easy projects that go a long way.


Painting alone can completely transform the look and feel of your camper by creating a more spacious, clean and cozy look. Painting the interior of your camper doesn’t only apply to the walls, as you can also paint the cabinets, shelves and even the ceiling make a huge difference the interior. Now assuming you are doing the paint job yourself, there are ways to cut corner such as purchasing chalk paint hat doesn’t require sanding before applying the primal paint.

Camper Redo Tips


Flooring also has a huge impact on the interior look of your campervan and removing it is not as complicated as you may assume. Most Camper have carpet flooring which is likely to worn out with age, and you have several economical and luxury options for replacement. Sticky tiles or vinyl planks are not only a cheap replacement they are also easy to install taking 2 to 3 hours to complete the job. If you prefer a more luxury touch than installing hardwood or bamboo flooring is idea as it’s quite sustainable and stylish.

Furniture Replacement

If your RV or Camper has the same original furniture, chances are its stained faded and torn from use. IKEA space saving and lightweight furniture is a perfect solution for you bedding and sofa, futons provide a space saving and comfort option as they can be used as a bed and sofa.

Replacing The Counter Tops and Backsplash

The kitchen space in the camper is quite small and a common issue in most campers is the lack of countertop space. Replacing the countertop with a larger one is quite common in camper redo’s, but if you want to go one step further with this, install a risible custom countertop on the cooktop which will increase your working space. Another simple makeover task you can manage yourself is to apply sticky Backspash sheets on your kitchen wall, which remarkably improves the overall look of your kitchen.


Valances are a thing of the past and pulling them down is a piece of cake, all it takes for you is to unscrew them from walls. Curtains are a great and simple replacement, providing a more cozy and warm look to your camper.


Adding and replacing simple accessories like rugs, pillows or even the lighting are nice way of changing the overall look of your Camper without any heavy duty work.

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