23 Amazing Old Camper Remodels

Old Camper Remodels


A Caravan, camper trailer or sometimes referred to as a travel trailer is a towed road vehicle which provides a place to sleep or camp. The trailer has several advantages over a normal camping tent, it provides better protection, comfortableness and larger storage.

If you happen to own an old vintage trailer or you’re planning on purchasing one and remodeling it in order to cut expenses, we will provide you basic in necessary guidance in order to accomplish your task. Before you begin work on your camper, you’ll need to resolve any mechanical issues, if you are not a handy man yourself, it’s best to call a professional regarding the plumbing, electricity and travel system. Once that is out of the way you can begin work on improve your camper. In order to save money and time we will show you some ideas to upgrade and remodel your camper without gutting it from the inside out and taking it apart.

Installing new flooring

The first thing you are looking to do is replace the flooring of the campervan, usually old campers are equipped with tiles or carpeting. Tiles can be a little tricky for removal, but once the flooring is out an affordable and modern options is to use sticky vinyl planks. The installation is plain and simple, it should roughly take you 2 hours to apply it. Another option to go is to use hardwood flooring or laminate, the plus side of using laminate is that it’s waterproof, which is a huge plus in campers.

Old Camper Remodel Tips and Guide

Replace dated and worn fabrics

The upholstery in your caravan has a great impact on your trailers looks and most importantly how you feel living in it. Assuming the furniture and its foam are in a solid and usable condition, replacing it is not recommended. Changing the upholstery is a much better idea and a good way to save more money. The style and color of the fabric is up to you, but do consider purchasing one that stands up to sun fade and moisture. It’s hard to estimate how much you’ll actually need for the refurnishing, so I recommend buying a larger length of your assumptions in case of repairs. While you are at your local furniture outlet for fabric materials you should also consider buying new curtains and bathroom rugs.

Giving the caravan a new paintjob

Repainting your caravan it no easy task, but surely one you can manage yourself. Cleaning all the surfaces before any paint layer is applied is a must, any grease or grime prevents the paint for biding properly. Scraping and sanding the loose paint and using at least one layer of primer are necessary for some problem areas. Using a spray painter for the exterior of the caravan and a brush for the interior and applying a clear was is the right way to go. I recommend using several layers of chalk paint for the cabinets or any other wooden appliances you posses.

Appearance improvement

After finishing all the priorities if your camper trailer, improving the appearance of the vehicle a new look should be your next move. This is where your own creativity should play a role, whether you want to add a window box, LED lights, flag holders or flower pots any little detail will enhance your own pleasure of staying in your camper.

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