22 Perfect Small Campers with Bathrooms



Campers are trailers which are towed behind a vehicle and provide living shelter and a place to sleep. Campers come in all shapes and sizes, and a vital question to take into consideration is do they come with a bathroom? As much as you love camping in the wild, having to poop in the woods is not really the most pleasant experience you would rather have.

Well it turns out you could still get a rather small camper trailer and enjoy all the benefits of it, without having to sacrifice your personal space. Here are my top 4 small campers that go with a bathroom.

Casita Travel Trailer Spirit Deluxe

The Casita Travel Trailer is 17-foot trailer that has the capacity of accommodating a small family or 3 fully grown people comfortably. The trailer is built from a marine-grade fiberglass body allowing it to withstand any sort of weather condition.  It features two dinette tables which can be converted in separate sleeping areas. The camper bathroom features a toilet and shower which are separated for optimal use. The toilet also has a two screen windows and a power fan installed on the roof concerning the odor and humidity. The Camper also has some unique features like a fresh water fill, an alternative source of water (city water connection), 12-volt battery pack and a 110-volt exterior outlet.

Jay Spot Trailer

If you are the type of person who likes to travel in style and luxury then the new Jay Sport Trailer provides all amenities you could ever ask for. You are basically camping in an all-inclusive 5 star hotel, but without all the extra space. The trailer 15-inch mud tires equipped with stabilizer jacks which provide a cozy sleep on an off-road path.

The interior of the trailer features a removable stainless steel stove for outdoor and indoor use, acrylic sink, plus dinette. For an added comfort level it has reversible cushions and heated bed mats, the trailer has a built in TV, stereo and a roof vent and mesh screening for those wonderful sunny days. And we saved the best for last, the Jay Sport trailer has a bathroom equipped with a toilet, sink and running water, not only that but it has a water heater with a capacity of 6 gallons, that gives you the option of showering indoors or outdoors.

Small Campers with Bathroom

Barefoot Caravans

The barefoot Caravan is manufactured in UK and designed by Tom Ogen, Matt Cullis and Lewis Earle. This small trailer stands out from the rest due to its customization options and by that I mean you can select the color scheme of the curtains, bathroom and kitchen walls, seats, upholstery and your preferred fabric. The interior of the Barefoot caravan features L-shaped seats which can be configured into a spacious bed, compressor fridge which incorporates a freezer and wardrobe space. The caravan has a bathroom of the highest quality which includes a cassette toilet from Domestic, basin, mirror and a shower with a hot water system that has a 30-liter capacity and it can run both on electrical or gas power. It also received the Bugatti Trust award.

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

The Lance brand is a well know veteran in travel trailer, truck camper or caravan production, with over 50 years of innovation and craftsmanship behind them. The 1575 trailer is the newest product and it weighs just over 2700, yet fully stuffed with all amenities you require.  To put it in words the caravan trailer is a “home away from home” with features like roof vents, separated fresh water and waste water system, thermopane windows made from fiberglass, three-way double door refrigerator and a three-burner range stainless steel stove and that’s not even half of it. The bathroom of the Lance 1575 might beat the one you have it home, with a foot pedal operated marine toilet, dual pane skylights and a medicine cabinet with a mirror.

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