21 Brilliant Motorhome Organization and Storage Ideas

Motorhome Organization and Storage Ideas


The biggest setback of having to move from a regular brick house to a home on wheels is the storage capacity of the motorhome. Even the largest and most luxurious campers tend to have a lack of storage for all your day-to-day things such as camping gear, clothes, kitchen goodies, accessories and so on. So when it comes to traveling and living in a house on wheels, storage becomes a number one priority and being creative is essential as you’ll want to pack everything you’ll need. With all kinds of stuff needing a place for storage, choosing the right storage solution for every item can make a whole lot of difference. In order to keep your RV comfortable and cozy without being overly cramped by all the items you wish to bring along, you’ll need to use every inch of dead space possible and save as much as living space that you can. From simple DIY builds to cheap premade organizers here are some of the best solutions and hacks for keeping everything neat and tidy.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Magnet Knife Strip

Having several knifes and finding the right one for its matching purpose can be difficult when they are all stashed in your kitchen drawer with the rest of your silverware. Installing a Magnetic knife strip is a nice way of keeping your knifes organized, handy and most importantly out of the way. Just make sure they are well attached before taking off for a new campsite.

Cabinet Organizers

A simple kitchen cabinet organizer will not only increase your usable storage place in your cabinets, it will also make pieces easier to find. Kitchen Cabinets are also a cheap solution for keeping all your china safe while traveling.

Custom Magnetic Holders

Using magnetized storage is one of the best storage solutions in keeping everything functional and stylish. The great thing about magnetic strips is that you can be creative and place them anywhere you wish to, whether you like to apply them on your wall for keeping your spices handy and organized or even attached utensil organizers on them and have them places on your fridge, magnetic organizers are a great way of keeping your flavors close and out of the way.

More Motorhome Storage Ideas

Storage accessories

Closet Conundrum

Traveling with families will not only make your living space more cramped it will also have an impact on your wardrobes. Trying to fit everyone’s clothes into a limited closet space can be quite difficult and frustrating. Investing in a 15$ closet organizer is the most efficient way of solving this issue and improving your storage capacity.

Over the Seat Cadies

If you are traveling in an AirStreamer or Campervan, seat organizers are the solution for keeping your gadgets organized and in hands reach. Seat caddies extend your storage space for items that you need every single day like your phone or charger, without them being spread all over your motorhome.


Creating a shoe-in is one of the simplest yet effective storage solution for your shoes. For this storage hack all you need is a cheap cloth, some scissors and wallah, you created an amazing and versatile storage hack to add anywhere in your camper.

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