Rpod Camper Mods 2018

Rpod Camper Mods


The R-pod is a small lightweight towing trailer loaded with all the luxuries a normal camper has, but organized in a smaller floor space and weighting significantly less. The R-Pod Camper is designed and built by Forrest River, it has high quality aluminum frame construction with a shell shaped in a teardrop. The R Pod trailer is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the luxury of camping in style without having to deal with a heavy-duty towing vehicle, making the R-Pod a top seller in its light-weight category for trailer under 23 feet.


Same as the other models of the Forest River family, the R-Pod features several appliances and furniture unexpected for its size and class. Each R-Pod unit features an entertainment center which includes a flat-screen TV, DVD and a Jensen stereo system with built in speakers. The R-Pod is also equipped with a small sized kitchen which includes a glass-top sink, kitchen cabinets, stove and a small refrigerator. Another luxury edition to the R-Pod is a full functional bathroom with a hot water system shower and toilet. And last but not least the trailer features sleeping quarters for two with a queen-sized bed.

Rpod Camper Mods

Kitchen Modifiers

When cooking it’s nice to have everything you need by your hand, and what better way to do it by installing several magnetic racks on your kitchen walls or fridge. The magnet is strong enough to hold all your silverware organized without having to worry about any knifes or work flying while traveling on the road. Silverware isn’t the only thing you can have hanging near you, using a 3M tape to your racks for attaching your spices and cream containers can also be useful. Counter space can be an issue in most R-Pod Campers so covering the stove with a raised cutting board.

Bathroom Modifiers

Well the R-Pod camper provides an almost fully equipped bathroom, the only feature it lacks is a mirror. But nothing you can’t accomplish using a cheap mirror and a 3M magnet tape. The bathroom of the trailer is basically a “wet bath” with the toilet, sink and shower all being placed in the same room. Even more annoying the sink is place in the corner just under the shower head, making it a real nuisance when taking a shower. The bathroom sink is quite small and not as efficient as you may think, so removing the sink for the sole purpose of creating a bigger bathroom space is common and recommended. You can use all that extra space you created by installing a new shower head which will maximize the water flow of the trailer.

Additional Modifiers

Even though the R-Pod is designed to provide sleeping quarters for two in the queen-sized bed, the dinette can also function as a sleeping area for one to two people. So if you are planning on taking a camping trip with several people, adding some sort of privacy between the two sleeping areas would be a nice edition. You can accomplish this with easy by adding a tension curtain rod and some upholstery fabric which will serve as a functional slid out curtain.

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