When you hit the road with your conversion van for the first time, you learn pretty quickly what part of you interior conversion works and where you can improve it. No interior design is perfect at first, no matter how many hour you put in designing and laying out plans, after you hit the road you’ll find something that needs a little tweak or even a removal. Finding what works and what doesn’t can sometimes be a little nerve racking, but all in all it’s a fun experience in coming up with new ideas that might or might not work for your ideal personal living space. In case you are doing a van conversion or even an interior remodel here are some ideas and hacks on how to improve your living situation.

Organize Your Storage Area Closet Conundrum and Packing Cubes.

Keeping your “packet to the gills” closets and pantries organized is one of the struggles that you have to deal with when living in a campervan. In order to keep everything neat and tidy, buying a few additional items will help you manage this problem. One way of dealing with this is by getting several packing cubes for every type of clothes you have, that what you’ll have access to whatever you may need without making a huge mess and demolishing the rest of the closet. Another solution to deal with your storage problem is to improve your storage capacity by purchasing a closet conundrum for a rather low price of 15 to 20$ depending on the style.

Van Life Interior Hacks

Water Tank Refills

There are a lot of different ways of refilling your fresh water and shower tank. The most common and surprisingly most expensive options is to go to an RV park and have it filled for a cost of 15$, I recommend you do this only if everything else fails. Like mentioned this isn’t an ideal option for you, here are much more affordable options for your water tanks and bottles which we recommend.

  • Glacier water charges 0.30 cent per gallon, and they have a website which you can use to find the nearest fill up.
  • Cabela’s has outdoor stores in many different locations across the US and they usually have RV spaces fitted with portable water that costs 5$ for any amount.
  • Besides from dumping and cleaning your waste water tanks in Dump Stations, you can also have your fresh water tanks refilled for a cheap price of 5$.

Use Organizers Pouches For Your Backseats And Beds

When living in a small space like a campervan, every inch of free space has to be used accordingly. Storage will always be an issue in campervans as not matter how much you have, you’ll eventually need more. Seat organizers are applied to the back of your seats and serve as a storage area for your regular day-to-day items like your mobile phone, charges, cutting boards. There are different sizes and types of organizers like a full length organizer which has the capacity of fitting as many items as a cabinet.

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